The Sacrifice of Zainab’s Sons Most Reverred Aon and Muhammad (‘a)

("Jab Zainab‑e‑Ghareeb ke run mein pisar lade" )
When in Karbala Zainab's children fought
The two alone with the massive army fought
With the courage and valor of Ali they fought
Oh like lions the grandsons of a Lion fought
Gallantry inherited from the Grand Amir
Such vigor can come only from Zainab and Ali
Zainab waited barefoot by the door
And Abbas reported their progress in the war
"Noble sister do not cry nor worry for them
Your sons have vanquished thousands more"
"Their strength reminds the world of Khyber today
Victorious they will return, the enemy they will slay"
With tears in her eyes Zainab replied
"May Allah bless them with success and might
The two are alone, fighting thousands today
Their fate rests with God, He will do what is right"
"Though helpless, I trust the Almighty God
He will grant me the wish I've always sought"
"Oh my brother, I do not fret for them today
They may die or get trampled by the army, yet I say
`If a thousand sons I had, let them all so get killed
To save the Son of Fatima, this price I will pay'
"In Husain's stead, let me bear all the pain
Even if nobody lives, yet live my Husain"
As Abbas and Zainab spoke thus, Husain cried
"Oh Abbas, the children are gone from my sight"
Abbas charged at the battlefield
On his way he heard Ali Akbar's cries
"We live to witness this day and to weep?
Let us get their bodies, on the sands they sleep"
Abbas charged, by his side his spear
And Husain grief‑stricken, bare‑headed was near
The army retreated seeing them approach
Dying on the sands lay the youth so dear
Though apart in battle, yet together in death
Still clutching their swords, wounded their chests
Seeing His sister's sons in this state
Crushed like flowers, trampled in haste
Their brow and long hair matted with dust
Lips blue with thirst, bruised the face
Their brows gashed and battered, their clothing torn
Ribs mashed and broken by the enemy swords
Husain cried, holding their bodies close
"Come open your eyes, watch my tears floes'
In Death' slumber, heavy‑lidded were their eyes
Abbas felt their pulse and wept in woe
"Raised in my lap, yet dying in my sight?"
Husain held the dear boys in His arms and cried
Alongside Abbas in sorrow wept
And cried "Oh here comes the shadow of Death"
And weeping in pain, Husain replied
"The two now depart to eternally rest"
"Within the camp, the hopeful mother waits
Now we take their bodies to her in this state"
But Zainab's heart knew that they lived no more
Quiet in grief, she sat down by the door
And Husain brought in her blood‑soaked sons
And said "Oh Zainab, my heart is torn"
"What has happened, what is lost, how can I say?
I hoped they would live, but they died on the way"
Hearing this Zainab rose, weeping in pain
And hugged their bruised bodies, uttering their names
She praised their valor and their sacrifice
And cried "Come wake up now, weeps my Husain"
" Wake up, walk bravely and show me your swords
The Imam needs you, so sleep no more."