Introducing The Book And Author

In the Name of Allāh, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

Praise be to Allāh Who purified the tongues of His friends from vain talk, backbiting and slandering, purifying their souls from low manners and contemptible habits. Praised be His Chosen Prophet, too, who was sent with the easy-to-practice Sharī`a and the straight path, and praised be his purified Progeny who follow his path and are fully knowledgeable of his Sunnah and who are protected from low conduct and known for their virtues.

I have seen most folks of this age described as having knowledge and virtues and to whom justice is attributed, and they are nominated for being the masters safeguarding the performance of the prayers, regular in their fast, their acts of adoration being abundant and are steadfast in seeking nearness to Allāh. They avoid a host of prohibitive sins such as adultery, wine drinking and such clearly ugly deeds. Yet the folks of this age, despite all of this, are spending a great deal of their time having fun in their gatherings and dialogues, feeding our souls with charges leveled against the honor of their believing brethren and Muslim peers without regarding doing so as a sin, nor are they cautious lest the Great One of the heavens should overtake them on its account.