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Repentance: The Cradle of Mercy


This book before you is a memorandum of more than twenty meetings filled with moral teachings from those Tuesday nights, nights that bring good and beautiful memories. I hope you will be lucky to make full use of the discussions of this book that address us with new forms in the circle of repentance and go deep into our consciences to move the feelings of goodness in our souls.

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DISCLAIMER The information presented in this Digital Edition is for information purposes only and cannot be used to determine current Islamic legal opinions nor as a definitive stance of the teachings of Islam as conveyed by the Prophet and the Ahlul Bayt and as such.
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Repentance: The Cradle of Mercy By Husayn Ansariyan Translated by Abdullah al-Shahin Publisher: Ansariyan Publications First Edition: 2004-1383-1425 Second Reprint: 2007-1386-1428 Sadr Press Pages: 304 Copies: 2000 Size: 145 x 210 mm ISBN: 978-964-438-585-8


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