The Holy Quran has stressed the subject of resurrection more than all the other heavenly scripture and has mentioned it continuously in a large number of verses, from the beginning to the end. This work has studies the various aspects of resurrection from the viewpoint of the Holy Quran discussing in an easy and a fluent style, topics such as the soul, grave, Purgatory, Judgment Day, scroll of deeds, intercession, Siraat Bridge and Paradise and Hell.

This book is part of ideological collection of “The Youth and Beliefs” with topics such as: Knowing God, Resurrection, Prophethood and the Prophet of Islam, Introduction to Islam, Rights and duties of Women, Imamate and the Imams, Youth and Spouse Selection.

All these volumes are written by Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini, who has succeeded to author this collection based on years of delving into religious texts and sources, constant contact with the young generation and pondering over ideological and educational issues.