The young generation of the contemporary society is indeed, in search of truth and asks itself numerous questions to know its religious beliefs, and to deepen its teachings, in order to possess a general perception, concerning the entire problems, issues and questions, whether mental, spiritual, cultural, or social. For that reason, the young generation searches and researches diverse sources.

However, the thirst for a better knowledge along with a greater measure than it already knows, pushes this young generation to a certain aspiration to acquire a better understanding of all these things; this is because it wishes to lean on all these original thoughts with solid tranquility, to form its proper mental geometry.

Among precious works in the Islamic Doctrine, the works of the respected Martyr, Professor Allamah Murtadha Mutahhari, offer us a deep frame, comprehensive, moderate, rational, and formative at the same time, which regroup, encompass, and embrace, gravely and perfectly, the Islamic Thought.

Indeed, his works can guide the young generation of modern time and that of the future era towards a spiritual path, most secure, safest, and empty of peril.

In fact, qualities such as originality, creativity, equity, eloquence, along with a beautiful rhetoric and a fluent pen, which is very easy to follow, and a serious willingness to answer the actual needs of the contemporary society are the particularities and special characteristics that adorn and purify the intellectual mind of this erudite Martyr. Moreover, we can see in his works, a true desire to offer an intellectual ensemble, very concise and clear, with a fair sense of criticism, and a wish to defend all the discoveries and positions, taken by him in an intellectual and mental point of view.

This fact forces the actual generation of the young people of the society and the scientific and scholastic community to wish to study more, and to deepen these exposed opinions and these beautiful Islamic thoughts; this, in order to safeguard and defend them as a written heritage for the future generations.

Young generation’s thoughts Institute has published the collection "The Splendid Light of Wisdom" for the great enthusiasm that the young generation has shown for the thoughts of the learned and erudite Professor Mutahhari, and their willingness to associate themselves more and more with the works of this learned personality. This collection is composed of forty independent booklets.

This beautiful compilation has followed certain regulations:

1- Each booklet of this Collection explains an independent subject of study.

2- The best teachings, offered from the great mind of this erudite should be known to the young and modern generation; and this was accomplished, by taking into account, not only the complete works of this erudite but also his annotations and his other writings, which have been abridged for this very purpose.

3- The efforts of the person responsible for this compilation should appear as charming, attractive, and most interesting; and the adaptation, adjustment, abridgment, composition, construction, compilation, and all the effort put into this work should be in such way as to offer a complete and comprehensive book; and it should be accomplished in a very definite and rigidly precise structure.

4- The person responsible for this compilation had to take into consideration the fact that he should respect the thoughts of this learned erudite, completely and perfectly, without adding or removing anything whatsoever, from the thoughts of this writer. He also had to preserve the style of Professor Mutahhari as it was, and repeat this in a most scrupulous way in every book offered by this respected writer.

5- To honor these works even more, all the written facts had to be well documented with the works of Martyr Professor Mutahhari himself. Thus, the dear readers may actually refer to the footnotes, at the foot of every page, which would guide them either to his Complete Works, and/or his annotations and/or to independent works of this learned personality.

The explanations offered by the writer of this compilation are in the foreword or conclusion of each finished work. They are separated clearly from the text, belonging to the learned Martyr Professor Mutahhari.

The splendid Light of Wisdom” is solely acting as a "bridge", by connecting people to the green garden of the beautiful thoughts of Professor Mutahhari…!

No doubt, the young readers and the respected researchers will not see themselves free of any need towards the Complete Works of this erudite Martyr. Moreover, they should give themselves the pleasure of studying and reading all those previous works. Therefore, this work should be seen only as an intellectual and literary effort, so that the dear readers may get more interested in reading his other works, and feel a mental and spiritual affinity with him.

The initial efforts to create the chapters and the titles of each part in this beautiful collection belong undoubtedly, to the incessant and meticulous surveillance of the respected, scientific members of “The Splendid Light of Wisdom".

That is, Mr. Abdol Hosseyn Khosro Panah, Mr. Hamid Reza Shakerin, Mr. Mohammmad Ali Da'ee Nejad, Mr. Ali Zou Elm, and Mr. Mohammad Baqir Pur-Amini [the executive editor of this project]. And to the arduous efforts, made by the executive director of this project, who is none other than Mr. Abbas Rezvani Nassab and his respected colleagues: Mr. Reza Mostavi [chief editor] and Mr. Mika'eel Noori.

To all of them, we wish to express our deepest, infinite gratitude.

The present work discusses the subject of "Resurrection", which is one of the volumes of the "Splendid Light of Wisdom" Collection, written by the respected researcher, Mr. Hamid Reza Shakerin. We would like to express our deepest gratitude, to all those men and women, who have helped and assisted us in this compilation. We are ready to receive the opinions and/or critics of the dear readers, with open arms and a warm spirit, full of gratitude.

We dearly hope that this collection shall increase the level of knowledge in the young generation’s mind, and will enable them to comprehend and to know more deeply, the clear and erudite thoughts of this learned thinker; so that it may open a new path in front of them.

The young generation’s thoughts Institute