13. Performing Marriage

Article 146

Performing marriage is not permitted for a Muhrim in the state of Ihram, even if he recites the marriage statement or deputizes another person to do that Even if the marriage is performed permanently or temporarily, marriage is invalidated in this way. If he knows about the prohibitions and stills perform the marriage, then that woman will be Haraam for him forever.

It is also not permitted that a Muhrim recites the statement of marriage for another person, even if that person is in the state of Ihram or not and in this way marriage of that person is also invalidated, but that woman does not become Haraam forever, and in none of these cases, the atonement is obligatory.

Article 147

It is not permitted for a Muhrim to attend a marriage ceremony as the witness, also (as obligatory precaution) it is not permitted to testify a marriage, or propose for himself or another person.