22. Telling Lies, Insulting and Priding

Article 159

Lying and insulting are Haraam in any condition, but these are inhibited especially in the state of Ihram, it means these are from the act of which a Muhrim should renounce in performing them. It is an obligatory precaution to abstain from expressing the superiority of himself/herself to others or expressing the weakness of others against himself/herself, and these three acts have been collected in the term “Fosuq” according to some Hadees quoted from the infallibles (a.s.) in the holy verse;

فَلا رَفَثَ وَ لا فُسُوقَ وَ لا جِدالَ فى الْحَجّ

Let there be no obscenity, nor wickedness, nor wrangling in the Hajj. (2:197)

Thus whenever a Muhrim perform these acts, he/she has done wrong but the Ihram is not invalidated, and the atonement of that is Istighfar (asking forgiveness from Allah). It is better than a person abstain from saying anything bad, evil and incompatible to the soul of Hajj and say nothing other than good words.