24. Huting desert animals

Article 164

Hunting desert animals or slaughtering them is Haraam in the state of Ihram, also hunting of birds is Haraam in this state and there is no difference that a Muhrim hunts alone or with the help of the others. Also pointing and referring the animal to the hunter, or tying and keeping the animal or eating the meat of a hunted animal (although another person has hunted or the Muhrim has hunted that animal before Ihram) are Haraam.

Article 165

Killing grasshoppers is not permitted for a Muhrim, therefore if he/she is passing a way in which there are grasshoppers, then he/she should change his/her way if it is possible, and if it is not he/she should be aware not to trample them. But it has no problem in inevitable case or if it causes strong hardness and discomfort, also the killing of harmful animals like snakes, scorpions and ferocious animals is permitted when they cause danger.

Article 166

Zebh of livestock and farm animals like cow, sheep and camel has no problem in the state of Ihram.

Article 167

Hunting sea animals is permitted for Muhrim.

Article 168

A specific atonement had been defined for killing any desert animals. But because today this act is not common, we abstain from mentioning that matter in order not to lengthen the discussion.