26. Atonements of Ihram

Article 172

Atonements of Ihram are as follows:

1- Atonement of wearing a sewn dress deliberately or necessity is one sheep and it has no atonement if it is performed because of ignorance or forgetfulness.

2- Wearing a shoe that covers the entire top of the foot and wearing socks is not permitted for men, but it has no atonement even if it is performed deliberately.

3- Atonement of covering the head deliberately is one sheep for men as obligatory precaution; it has no atonement in the case of ignorance or forgetfulness.

4- Atonement of covering the face is one sheep for women as a Mustahab precaution.

5- Atonement for cutting one of the nails deliberately is one portion of food (approximately 750 gram) and if a Muhrim cuts all the nails of both hands or the nails of hands and feet in one session, then the atonement is one sheep. But if a Muhrim cuts the nails of hands in one session and feet in another session then the atonement is two sheep, and there is no atonement in the cases of forgetfulness and in the cases of necessity it is obligatory precaution to pay the same atonement.

6- Atonement of going under the shade deliberately or in the case of necessity is one sheep for each Ihram; it means that one sheep is for Ihram of Umrah and one sheep for Ihram of Hajj and there is no atonement for involuntary cases or the cases of forgetfulness and ignorance.

7- Atonement of shaving the hair of the head or armpits (both or one of them) deliberately is one sheep, but a Muhrim can choose from one sheep, three days of fasting or feeding six needy persons (two portion of food for each) for shaving the head in case of necessity, and it is an obligatory precaution to pay the same atonement for removing hair of armpits; but the atonement of removing some hair of the head, face, beneath the chin or armpit is feeding one poor person. But there is no atonement for cases of ignorance about the matter or forgetfulness.

8- Performing marriage for a Muhrim himself/herself or reciting the marriage statement for the others have no atonements.

9 & 10 & 11- Whenever a Muhrim looks or touches his/her spouse with sexual desire, then the atonement is one sheep, and if ejaculation occurs by this act then the obligatory precaution is to pay the atonement of one camel and if a Muhrim kisses his/her spouse then one camel is obligatory even if ejaculation occurs or not.

12- Atonement of sexual intercourse is of different types, which has been mentioned in articles “150, 151, 152 &153”.

13- Atonement of masturbation is like sexual intercourse.

14- Atonement if killing insects is some food as obligatory precaution, even if it is performed deliberately or not.

15- Atonement of lying, insulting and priding is Istighfar (asking forgiveness from Allah)

16- Atonement of false swearing for the first time is one sheep, and if it is true then atonement is one sheep if it is said three times, and there is no atonement for less than three times.

17- Atonement of carrying weapon/s deliberately is one sheep as obligatory precaution.

18- Atonement of using fragrance is one sheep as obligatory precaution.

19- Applying kohl has no atonement, unless it has a fragrance that in this case it has the atonement of using fragrance.

20- Looking at the mirror has no atonement, but it is Mustahab to say Labbayk after looking at the mirror.

21- Wearing ornaments is Haraam but does not have atonement.

22- If there is fragrance in applying oil on the body, then the atonement is one sheep, although it is performed because of necessity.

23- Extracting blood from the body has no atonement.

24- Atonement of tooth extraction is one sheep as Mustahab precaution.

25- There is no atonement for cutting the plants of Haram, except Istighfar.