7. Looking at the Mirror

Article 115

It is not permitted for men or women to look at the mirror in the state of Ihram for checking of make up or hair or beard etc.. But it has no problem in other purposes like looking the sides of the car, or observing the tooth or mouth by a physician, or looking at the mirror without seeing his/her own face, or looking at the mirror for seeing the condition of injuries.

Article 116

Looking in the water reflection or a polished or glossy object for checking the condition of the face and hair similar things is Haraam in the state of Ihram.

Article 117

If a Muhrim looks at the mirror involuntarily then there is no problem. However it is better to cover the mirrors of the rooms in which Muhrims are staying there during Hajj in order that they do not look at the mirrors suddenly and involuntarily.

Article 118

Looking into the glass of a window or eyeglasses from which the other side is visible has no problem.