8. Using Fragrance

Article 119

Using fragrance like perfumes, musk, saffron, rose water and other thing by smelling or rubbing on the body or on clothing, or spraying in the room or eating fragrant foods are Haraam for Muhrim men and women in the state of Ihram.

Article 120

Eating fragrant fruits like apples and oranges is not a problem, but it is better to abstain from smelling their fragrance.

Article 121

A Muhrim cannot wash himself/herself with aromatic soaps and shampoos, and it is necessary to abstain from putting these things beside the Ihram clothing, which causes them to be fragrant. Hajjis should not put these objects in their sacks of their Ihram clothing.

Article 122

Whenever a Muhrim reaches a place where there are pleasant odors present, he/she should put something on the nose in order not to smell the fragrance, unless this act causes him/her strong hardship. But unlike this situation if a Muhrim reaches a place which has an unpleasant odor he/she should not close the nose but can pass that place quickly.

Article 123

Smelling flowers is not permitted for a Muhrim as obligatory precaution.