Acts that are Haraam in the state of Ihram

Article 88

When a pilgrim becomes Muhrim the following acts are Haraam for him/her to do and some of them have atonement. Some of the Faqihs have mentioned them as twenty-five items, but we believe that some of them are Makrooh (disliked) that its explanation will be mentioned later.

These acts are as follows:

1- Wearing sewed clothing (for men)

2- Wearing a thing which covers all top of the foot (for men)

3- Covering the head (for men)

4- Covering the face (for women)

5- Wearing ornaments

6- Applying mascara and kohl

7- Looking at the mirror

8- Using fragrance

9- Applying oils on the body

10- Cutting the nails

11- Going under the shade during travel (for men)

12- Removing hair from the body

13- Performing marriage

14- Looking at spouse with sexual desire

15- Touching

16- Kissing

17- Performing sexual intercourse

18- Masturbating

19- Killing insects

20 & 21- Extracting tooth and blood from the body

22- Telling lies

23- Disputing

24- Hunting desert animals

25- Carrying weapons

Explanation of these rulings will be cleared in later articles.