Kinds of Hajj

Article 20

Hajj can be performed in three ways: “Hajj al-Tamattu’”, “Hajj al-Qiran” (Hajj al-Qiran involves combining Umrah and Hajj, with only one Ihram for both) and “Hajj al-Ifrad” (Hajj al-Ifrad involves performing Hajj only. A sacrificial animal is not obligatory when performing Hajj al-Ifrad).

“Hajj al-Tamattu’” is to be performed by people who live forty-eight miles (approximately seventy-seven kilometers) or more from Mecca and the second and the third ways are for the people who live in great Mecca or in a place closer than this distance.

Article 21

Whenever a person who lives in Mecca travels out of Mecca and returns to the city, then this person can perform Hajj al-Tamattu’, Hajj al-Qiran or Hajj al-Ifrad.

Whenever a person who belongs to a place beyond the distance specified, lives in Mecca for more than two years then he/she should act as the people of Mecca, even if this person had been able to perform Hajj or has gained this ability after staying in the town, and even if he/she had stayed in Mecca for a lifetime or for a limited time.

Article 22

According to the fact that most of Muslims in the world should perform Hajj al-Tamattu’, then rulings which have been mentioned in these rites are for performing Hajj al-Tamattu’.