Mustahab Acts of Sa’y

Article 239

The following acts are Mustahab in Sa’y:

1- It is better to have ablution during Sa’y, but it is not obligatory. Even women can perform Sa’y of Safa and Marwah during their menstrual period. Even Sa’y during sleep doesn’t have problem (for example a pilgrim is sitting on a cart and performing Sa’y and he/she goes to sleep for a while performing).

2- It is Mustahab to place a hand on “al-Hajar al-Aswad” or kissing that after Tawaf and its prayer if the crowd is not congested and goes for Zamzam water and drinking from it and pouring some water on his/her head and body and then goes for Sa’y, but if kissing “al-Hajar al-Aswad” causes trouble for others because of congestion of the crowd, this act should not be performed.

3- Sa’y can be performed on foot or ride, if the person is healthy and capable of walking or ill and weak, but it is better for people who can walk to perform Sa’y by walking.

4- It is Mustahab to perform “Harwala” (jogging) at the time of reaching the marked place during going from Safa to Marwah or returning to that, but if this act causes trouble for the pilgrim he/she can renounce that.

Performing Harwala is not Mustahab for women and if men forget to perform that, it is precaution not to return for performing.

5- Talking and even eating and drinking is permitted during Sa’y, but it is better to pray to Allah in this state and perform Sa’y with dignity and noticing to the pure essence of Allah.

Article 240

Resting during Sa’y of Safa and Marwah has no problem because of tiredness or something else, if it is in Safa, Marwah or between these two, but it is better not to sit and rest without being tired,

Article 241

If a person doubts after completing Sa’y and performing Taqsir that has he/she performed seven complete rounds in Sa’y or have all conditions been observed or not, he/she should not pay any heed, but if this doubt comes before Taqsir then he/she should perform Sa’y again from the beginning, but if he/she knows that he/she has performed seven rounds and has doubt about more than that, he/she should not pay any attention on this doubt and the Sa’y is correct.

Article 242

Whenever a person doubts that the Sa’y is incomplete, for example six rounds or less, this person should return and complete the amount that has not been performed from the Sa’y and his/her Sa’y is correct.