Quintet Obligatory Acts of Mecca

Article 322

It is obligatory for a Hajji to return to Mecca after performing triple acts of Mena in order to perform the rest of ritual of Hajj which are five things as follows:

1- “Tawaf of Hajj” that is also called “Tawaf of pilgrimage”.

2- “The prayer of Tawaf of pilgrimage”.

3- “Sa’y of Safa and Marwah”.

4- “Tawaf of Nisa’”

5- “The prayer of Tawaf of Nisa’”.

These five acts should be performed exactly as we have said before for Umrah al-Tamattu’ except for intention that is here the intention of Tawaf of Hajj and its prayer and its Sa’y or the intention of Tawaf of Nisa’ and its prayer.

Article 323

A Hajji can go to Mecca in the day of Eid of Qurban immediately after performing the acts of Mena and performs the above acts in there in that day. And it is better not to delay it to after eleventh day and if this happens, then no longer than the thirteenth day. If it is not impossible to perform these acts until the end of Dhu’l-Hijjah, although it is Mustahab precaution not to delay after the thirteenth day.

Article 324

Acts of Mecca which are Tawaf of pilgrimage and prayer and Sa’y and Tawaf of Nisa’ and its prayer should be performed after the acts of Mena, but those who can perform them before going to Arafat are;

1- Women who have the fear of involving with menstruation of childbirth and cannot stay until they become pure.

2- Ill persons who are not capable of performing Tawaf and Sa’y in the congestion of the crowd.

3- Old men and women who are incapable performing these acts when returning from Mena because of congestion of the crowd or fear of danger or harm.

4- All persons who know that they are incapable of performing these acts after returning or performing these acts causes them lots of troubles (and there is no difference between Tawaf of Nisa’ and Tawaf of Hajj in this matter).

Article 325

In case of performing these acts before the acts of Mena, it is an obligatory precaution to become Muhrim to the Ihram of Hajj and then performing the acts.

Article 326

If an ill person becomes healthy or a woman gets pure after returning from “Mena” and are capable of performing Tawaf and Sa’y then it is obligatory precaution to perform them again.

Article 327

Tawaf of Nisa’ is obligatory for man, woman, old and young, married and single and even discriminator or neutral children, and without that woman does not become Halaal for man and man does not become Halaal for woman; and it is obligatory precaution that if a person brings a non-discriminator child then his/her guardian performs Tawaf of Nisa’ with him/her.

Article 328

Tawaf of Nisa’ is not an obligatory Umrah of Hajj al-Tamattu’, but it is obligatory in Hajj al-Tamattu’ and Umrah al-Mufradah.

Article 329

If a woman is in menstruation before performing Tawaf of Nisa’ and cannot stay until becoming pure (for example when caravan does not wait for her) it is necessary to take a proxy for performing Tawaf of Hajj and its prayer, and then she performs Sa’y and after that takes a proxy for performing Tawaf of Nisa’ and its prayer (also other persons who are not capable of performing Tawaf and Sa’y, should take a proxy).

Article 330

Tawaf of Nisa’ cannot be performed immediately after Tawaf of Hajj and before Sa’y, but it should be performed after performing Sa’y; but if a person performs that before Sa’y because of ignorance about the matter or forgetfulness, then it is correct.

Article 331

The things which were Haraam for Hajji in the state of Ihram become Halaal by performing the triple acts of Mena and acts of Mecca in three stages:

1- All Haraam things become Halaal after cutting or shaving the hair of the head, except fragrance and spouse.

2- Fragrance becomes Halaal after performing Tawaf of pilgrimage and the prayer of Tawaf and Sa’y of Safa and Marwah.

3- Spouse becomes Halaal after performing Tawaf of Nisa’ and its prayer.