Rulings of Miqats

Article 55

Wearing Ihram before Miqat is not permitted, as it is Haraam to pass Miqat without Ihram. Pilgrims should only become Muhrim in Miqats, except on two conditions:

1- When the pilgrim performs Nazr for becoming Muhrim before Miqat, it is necessary to fulfill his/her Nazr from anywhere, and not necessary to renew Ihram in Miqat. Accordingly, when a person has doubt in Miqat or places parallel to that, he/she can perform “Nazr of Ihram” before reaching the doubtful place and become Muhrim from there and there is no difference between obligatory and Mustahab Hajj. Also Nazr of woman has no problem if it does not cause disturbance for her husband.

2- A person who wants to perform Umrah of month of Rajab and has a fear that month ends before he/she can reach the Miqat, can become Muhrim before Miqat. It is permitted for him in order not to lose the superiority and benefit of Umrah of month of Rajab.

Article 56

Reaching the Miqat should be proved by certainty, or confidence or popularity among people of the region, or at least by the testimony of an impartial person. It is not permitted to wear Ihram in doubt (except by performing Nazr in the way that mentioned in past article).

Article 57

It is not permitted for a person to pass Miqat without Ihram unless there is another Miqat in the way that in this case Ihram from the second Miqat is correct, although it is better to become Muhrim from the first Miqat as an obligatory precaution.

Article 58

Whenever a person passes Miqat without Ihram deliberately and with awareness, then he/she should return to Miqat and become Muhrim, and if it is not possible for him/her to return then his/her Hajj is invalidated and should perform it the next year.

Article 59

Whenever a pilgrim passes Miqat because of ignorance or forgetfulness, when he/she remembers, should wear Ihram wherever he/she is. If the place is out of Haram and if he/she has entered Haram then should go out of Haram (for instance Tan’eem) and wear Ihram and if a person cannot go out of Haram should wear Ihram from the place.

Article 60

Whenever a woman is in her menstrual period and thinks that it is not permitted for her to wear Ihram and does not wear it in Miqat, then she should return to Miqat if she can and become Muhrim. If she cannot return to Miqat, then she should go out of Haram and if that is not also possible she should wear Ihram from the place that she is in, and her Hajj and Umrah is correct.

Article 61

As it has been mentioned before, Ihram for Hajj al-Tamattu’ is performed from Mecca. Now if a pilgrim goes to “Arafat” without Ihram because of ignorance or forgetfulness, then he/she should return to Mecca, if it possible, and if it is not he/she should become Muhrim in “Arafat”, “Mash’ar” or “Mena” (before Ramy al-Jamarat and sacrificing), and if he/she remembers after Ramy al-Jamarat or sacrificing, then the time of Ihram has passed and the Hajj is correct.

Article 62

Whenever a person renounces Ihram because of ignorance or forgetfulness and remembers after finishing the acts, then his/her acts are correct if it happens in Umrah al-Tamattu’ or Hajj or Umrah al-Mufradah.