Wearing Ihram from Mecca

Article 254

It has been mentioned before that the Miqat of Ihram for “Hajj al-Tamattu’” is “Mecca”, and there is no difference between places in Mecca. It is enough to be performed from Masjid al-Haraam, other mosques, streets and avenues or houses and there is also no difference between old and new Mecca, even places which have been advanced today to Mena and Arafat, it is possible to wear Ihram from all of these places. But it is obligatory precaution not to wear Ihram from places of Mecca which are farther than “Masjid al-Tan’eem” (Masjid al-Tan'eem is the closest boundary of Haram) and the best place is Masjid al-Haraam.

Article 255

The best time for wearing Ihram is the eighth day of Dhu’l-Hijjah, but it is possible to do this three days before and go to Mena from there in order to go to Arafat from that place; Old and ill persons can move to that place sooner than this time if they are afraid or congestion of crowd.

Article 256

The latest time of Ihram of Hajj is the time when delaying causes impossibility of reaching Wuquf to Arafat which is from the noon of the ninth day until the sunset; therefore, the pilgrim can become Muhrim in the morning of the ninth day and go to Arafat on time (if it is possible to reach on time in that conditions).