The Role of Women towards the System of Wilayat


Why do you need a System of Wilayat? What are the effects of a Fironic system on a society? What current system are you living your live? Can you secure your end by being indifferent to the system in which you are living? What role women have to play in establishing a system of wilayah in a society? This book addresses these questions in an elegant and easy to understand manner. This book is a translation of the Urdu Seminar "Nizam-e-Wilayat" delivered by: Hujjatul Islam Sayed Jawad Naqvi. It is an eye opener for us that makes us realize our faults and our responsibilities towards the society in which we are living our lives.

Miscellaneous information: 
The Role of Women towards the System of Wilayat Hujjatul Islam Sayed Jawad Naqvi Published By Bethat Islamic Research Centre (BIRC) Qom, Iran Copyright© 2007 It is not permitted to reprint this book for commercial purpose without the permission of BIRC. Reprinting for the purpose of free distribution is permitted provided that there is no modification in the contents in any form.