Dictatorship under the Veil of Democracy

We don't have the rights to live in any type of system, neither by Shariah nor by our intelligence and specifically living under the Fironic system. These governmental systems which have raised the slogans of democracy are all representative of Satan (devil).

As Allama Iqbal narrates in one of his poems, that Satan called for an annual conference, where all his representatives came. Satan analyzed the work over the past year and drafted a plan for the coming year to misguide people. Iqbal says, when Satan inquired about the situation in the world from his representatives, they replied to him that our devilish plans are failing in many places due to certain reasons. One of the representatives of Satan came forward and said that one of the biggest dangers to Satan is from democratic system of governance which is spreading across the globe and democracy is a very good system. Satan said there is nothing to be afraid about this, because this democracy is the same dictatorship.

This is the same Fironic system, the same arrogant system of the past and I have just changed its outlook. First it was imperialism, dictatorship, feudalism and now also it is the same but I have changed its dress to democracy.