The Effects of Fironic System

We think that the democratic system in which we are living is the best system, but in reality it is the same dictatorship which is hidden inside this democracy. Let me explain this also from the Holy Quran. Allah (s) commanded Prophet Moosa (as) in the Quran to go to Bani Israel and give them relief from the Fironic system, because the Ummah has become senseless, adulterated with this system and their beliefs were corrupted. This is the point to be concentrated, where we will see now that what kind of devastating affects a Fironic system can leave on the religious ideologies of a nation.

They witnessed several miracles of Prophet Moosa (as). He had the miracle with his staff and his enlightened hand was a miracle. There were many such miracles given to Prophet Moosa (as) out of which twelve are listed in the Holy Quran. The greatest miracle of Moosa was his wooden staff, through which he split the river, defeated the magicians, destroyed Firon and gave salvation to Bani Israel. All these miracles were witnessed by Bani Israel by their own eyes, but just see later what happened.

After all these miracles and finally passing through the river they moved from Egypt to Palestine and the area of Jordan. When they reached in this belt of the land of Jordan, they saw a community busy in idol worship of hand-made gods. Now, emphasizing on this fact that Bani Israel had seen the miracles of Moosa, had heard the preaching of Moosa and have seen the end of Firon through the hands of Moosa, they demanded from Moosa something which stunned him. As mentioned in the verse of the Holy Quran, they demanded from Moosa:

قَالُوا يَا مُوسَى اجْعَلْ لَنَا إِلَٰهًا كَمَا لَهُمْ آلِهَةٌ

"O Moosa, make for us a God as they have (their) Gods" (Surah al-A’araaf,7:138)

This shows how low they had gone in their thinking and ideologies. This proves that the lessons of Monotheism (Tauheed) which Moosa was delivering to them were not understood by them. But the question is why? The reason was that the long period, in fact several generations, which they spent in the Fironic system, had weakened their level of thinking to such an extent that even now they could not discriminate between Idol worship and Monotheism. Hence they demanded from Moosa to make a similar idol for them. They made it a practice now to demand for an Idol god whenever they saw anyone worshipping a God other than the God of Moosa.

Then Moosa took them towards the land of Qinan. After reaching there, Moosa told them that Allah (s.w.t.) has asked me to camp for thirty days on Mountain Tur so as to get the Torah. These thirty days then increased by ten more and became forty days for which Moosa was away from his community. He made Haroon as his vicegerent and representative before leaving. There is one point to ponder over here, that Moosa only went away from his community for one month and ten days period, but still he did not leave the community on their own, he made Haroon as his representative and leader of the community. So how is it possible that the HujjatAllah (a.t.f.s) is in occultation for 1300 years and he has left no representative in the Ummah?

When Moosa returned back after forty days, he saw a shocking scene. This scene was that the community had left Haroon isolated and was following Saamri. The question here is how Saamri was successful in taking the community away from Haroon. This is where we can again see the character of women.