The Fundamental Problem of the Ummah that Helps Saamris

On the grounds of ideology and thinking, an Ummah becomes weak by living in a Fironic system. Saamri then takes advantage of these weaknesses of the Urnmah. From this simplicity of the Ummah, Saamri takes advantage, changes their direction and puts them behind an idol calf or somewhere else.

Today also it is the same situation; it is the same Fironic system. In our country (Pakistan), from the time it came into existence it has a Fironic system. But within this Fironic system many times in the shape of Saamri’s calf we have seen idols of democracy, idols of dictatorship, idols of military power and all these at times turned the complete system into Military Fironic system.

And we always think and say, what have we to do with this system. Whether the president is a leftist or a rightist, a man or a woman, this or that, let anyone come in power what have we to do with this. Let anyone become the President we are not concerned, provided he does not stop us from doing Azadari, provided he does not stop us from mourning. Let anyone rule and govern us we don't care, we only care that the government should not stop our Majalis and Azadari. But the reality is not like this, you might not be concerned with them, but they are definitely concerned about you. And their concern with us is that they will make us intellectually so weak that we won't be able to differentiate between Saamri and Haroon. The Haroon of our era will be calling us towards him and we will be busy in supporting Saamris. Read the Quran and see, this is exactly what Bani Israel has done in the past that too the religious women of theirs cooperated with Saamri to make the idol calf. Today also it is the same, in the name of women freedom and women rights, marathon races are organized. They are making idols for the sake of women and using these idols to deviate people away from religion.