Moosa and Haroon

Now, when Moosa returned, he was furious on this situation. He immediately dropped the Torah from his hand and questioned Haroon about this situation. Haroon replied that he tried his best to preach them the truth, stopped them and tried to convince them about this falsehood but they were not ready to listen to him. The Holy Quran presents the harshness with which Moosa dealt with Haroon. He caught hold of Haroon by his beard and hairs on the forehead and then dragged him in anger. Moosa's concern with Haroon was that he being a Prophet had made Haroon his representative, given him the leadership of the Ummah and hence his responsibility was to protect the religion of Ummah, and it should not have happened that because of his (Haroon's) laziness and negligence this community went behind Saamri. This always happens, like here, when Moosa went into an occultation of forty days, Saamri came out of the community. So be prepared to accept this fact that when an Infallible goes into occultation for 1300 years, how many Saamris would be coming out of the community in every generation and era.

This is a proven fact that whenever due to divine legislations and purposes, the proof of Allah (Hujjat Allah) goes into occultation for some period, then that community and the religion of theirs faces a big threat from Saamris. We should not become so simple and innocent that whoever comes with a calf which speaks and does something, we start to worship it and become its slaves. First see who has brought this idol to us, then see who is the representative of the Hujjat of Allah whom he has left amongst us during this occultation.

This point needs to be emphasized again that when Moosa left for forty days of occultation and he left his successor amongst the people, and then when he returned he did not question the Ummah immediately for their evil actions; he first enquired from Haroon whether this state of Ummah was an outcome of his laziness or not. Moosa was concerned whether Haroon became irresponsible and sat silent inside his home, or in today's terminology sat quietly in his Madrassa (religious school) or got busy in his daily chores and left the Ummah to play in the hands of Saamri, and let Saamri take the community in whichever direction he wanted.

The lesson derived from this narration of the Quran is very clear that, when the Proof of Allah (s.w.t.) reappears he will first question his representatives. He will for sure question them: "I have left this Ummah to you, and was it not that you got involved in your personal, family affair, or you got too busy in your lectures and gatherings, and as a result you left the Ummah to become a captive of Saamri". When Haroon had a sincere logical answer to Moosa's question, only then Moosa left Haroon and questioned Saamri and then the Ummah.