Moosa (as), The Saviour from Fironic System

Allah (s.w.t.) had sent Moosa (as) for the salvation of this Ummah from this Fironic system. It is a very clearly manifested fact that unless and until the nation (Ummah) does not support these guides and leaders like Moosa, salvation is impossible. From Europe these women came to Lahore, ran naked on the street, and our chaste, modest and veiled women watched them. They did this to humiliate and tease our modest women. If these immodest women (coming from West) can very well realize and deliver their duties towards evil, then it is the duty of our modest women also to either go away from this country or if they want to stay then they have to save this country from this corruption.

The duty of our chaste and religious women is not just to participate in Majalis (religious mourning gatherings) for the sake of earning divine rewards or to read the Quran. These acts do not relieve us from our responsibilities. The responsibility and the duties of these chaste women are to support and assist Moosa (as). Which Moosa? One who has come to demolish this corrupt system and replace it with a divine system of governance.

Prophet Moosa (as) also first demanded from women to leave Egypt because this Fironic system is not suitable for us to spend our lives over here. The women showed their willingness and came forward with their men to follow Moosa (as). Firon chased them up to the shore, where he got drowned in this encounter. The Quran presents this also as a bounty for Bani Israel.