The Primary Responsibility of Women during Occultation

The purpose of discussing this incident was relevant to the role of Ummah and specifically women, since this idol calf was created with the cooperation of women. The women should concentrate on this point that during the period of occultation the duties of women is not to assist, support and cooperate with Saamris. Their responsibility is to support Haroon and not Saamri. We need to be careful of the Saamri of our age, since Saamri's talent is to use us only to make idols which stand against the true God of Moosa, the way Saamri used the women to make the calf.

Today also many such calves are made with the help of the Ummah. But, today's idol calves are very modem. These are idols of visions, thoughts, fundamentals and concepts, resulting into several schools of thoughts coming out from the same section of religion. All these are idols of Saamri, and our duty is to find out first who is the Haroon of our age, and which God and school he is asking us to follow.

One of the most dangerous effects which the Fironic system leaves on the Ummah is that the Ummah becomes very weak in their beliefs, ideology and true knowledge. The consequence of this weakness is that they can't distinguish between an idol and the true eternal God. This is the reason why Imam Hussain (as) expresses gratification to Allah for first establishing an Islamic governance system in the society where he was born later.

This was to ask us about which type of system of governance we prefer to live our lives. Hussainiyat does not means performance of actions as per our own desires in the name of Hussain (as), but instead Hussainiyat is a collection of those actions which Imam Hussain (as) accomplished. These are the actions which we need to perform and preserve.