Questions and Answers

Question n. 1

Q 1. How should we start the process of implementing the system of Wilayat in our society?

Answer: First of all we need to understand ourselves. At times it happens we stand against a system, but we don't have any recognition of the system which is going to replace it. I will explain this situation in form of a joke.

Once there was a Muslim and an Infidel. They were both arguing about religion. The Muslim somehow managed to force the Infidel that his belief is wrong and he should change it. The Infidel agreed and asked the Muslim to teach him the Kalema (the testimonial for belief) so that he can convert to Islam. The Muslim felt ashamed and cursed himself and said "I wish I knew the Kalema myself, at least I would have succeeded in converting one Infidel to Islam".

We should not end up in such a situation that we start to rise against dictatorship and democracy, and quote that these systems are not religious and are the Idols of Saamri, but when someone questions us about its replacement, we feel aggrieved that we don't know about the system of Imamat. First, you try to understand yourself about this system. The method is like this you have done by organizing a seminar. Imarnat should be a part of our syllabus and we have to spend some time daily to understand the system of Imamat.

Decide on this fact first that Imamat is not just a belief, but instead it is the name of a system of governance which needs to be implemented in the society. During the era of the infallible Imams (as) they were isolated, some of them were made captives, exiled and martyred. What was the reason behind these atrocities? The reason was that Ummah, the followers of these Imams (as) could not understand this system, and hence the Imams were in a state of destitution. If in that era the Ummah would have understood Imamat then today the entire world would have been governed by the system of Imamat.

Hence first you try to understand this system, then start to propagate and spread it amongst the people. We should be looking forward to excuses, occasions and reasons to do propagation of truth. It is obligatory on every one of us to do propagation and specifically women of our society. Unfortunately our society has made such an environment that there are very limited opportunities for the women to do propagation. I am talking about religious women, not about those others who are even ready for Marathon. The religious women should not be sitting idle, waiting for someone to come and relieve them from the clutches of evils.

It is your duty to rise and make people understand the system of Wilayat. It should not be that any Majalis or story recitation program is organized and you participate considering this as your duty. You need to realize and understand your duties very well. We have to understand and make others understand this system of Wilayat. You never knew anything about the academic education when you were born, but slowly you started and became educated. There were many things which you did not know, but later you learnt it. Similarly if you don't know religion, then start to learn. Then only after this the women can deliver the most prestigious character and role.

Question n. 2

Q 2. How can a human being become a companion of secrets of Imamat so that she can understand the system of Imamat?

Answer: I have said earlier that this can be done with Recognition (Maarifat). By just sitting in one place you can't become a companion of secrets of Imamat. She can become aware about the secrets only when she comes near to the religion, studies the outward and inward essence of religion, and then only she can explore the hidden secrets. You have to spend a reasonable part of your life in this and give time to religion.

You all love your Imam, but this love only makes you lovers but not a recognizer of the secrets of Imamat. It is recognition (Maarifat), which makes you aware about the secrets of Imamat. Only when love gets along with recognition, you can understand the hidden secrets of Imamat. Unfortunately we have love for religion, but our recognition is very less.

Question n. 3

Q 3. Is it not the duty of our Ulema to address such subjects and develop a strong link of this subject with us, and if they are not doing this then who has to do this?

Answer: It is definitely the Ulema who have to start the link of this subject amongst the people. There is a saying in Persian "If something gets spoiled, put salt on it and it will be fine. But woe on that day when salt gets spoiled". If the Ummah (nation) gets corrupted then the Ulema should correct and reform it, but if the Ulema themselves get corrupted then who will reform them?

Question n. 4

Q 4. How can we identify the Fironic system in our normal lives?

Answer: The effects of the Fironic system are quite evident not just in our country but at a global level. The entire world is today governed by this system. You see that in the entire world there is only one nation which is not willing to accept this Fironic system and hence they (enemies of Islam) have surrounded this country from all sides. Every day they threaten this country. Unfortunately the entire globe is under the shadow of the Fironic system and our country is on the frontline in promoting this Fironic system.

If you are still not convinced, then analyze the effects of this system. In the earlier days that lady newscaster on the TV channel used to put a scarf around her neck. This slowly started to slip down, then the marathon race, vulgarity, nudity and moral corruption. All these effects are coming on your lives and they are increasing every day. What more do you expect to know and identify, when the President of the country comes up and supports nude women running on the street. He said that those who don't like to see such things, they should close their eyes or switch off their TV sets. This is not Islam. We have forgotten that this country is a Muslim nation, a nation of respected and chaste people. Our negligence, carelessness and our silence is helping in promoting this Fironic system.

Question n. 5

Q 5. You said that this country has a system of Firon, hence we should leave this country. But my question is that the basics of formation of this country was very solid, the leader who made this nation had made it on Islamic principles, then why is this like this?

Answer: I did not say that you should leave the country. This country was created in the name of Islam, but it was never handed over to Islam and Islam was never implemented in this country. In fact, today they are talking and discussing that the biggest danger and threat which this nation has is from Islam. Hence they want to achieve freedom from Islam in this country. I am not saying that you should leave the country and go. What I am saying is that the foundations on which this country was created were correct and we need to return it back to those foundation principles. We should not sit careless and unconcerned.

We should come forward and introduce the system of religion to the people, make this religion presentable so as to attract people towards religion. It is not that we leave and go, wherever we go the situation would be worse than this, hence we need to stay over here and return ourselves, this land and this community towards religion. If Imam Hussain (as) wanted to save his life he could have gone anywhere else, but then who would have destroyed Yazidiat? To demolish Yazidiat you have to stay there. Many mistakes have been done in this country. The question you have asked needs a lot of elaboration and could be a one day specific seminar. When this country had guides like Allama Iqbal, then why did such a thing happen? This needs a detailed discussion.

Question n. 6

Q 6. Why do some people not accept Wilayat al-Faqeeh?

Answer: There are many reasons behind this. Some people due to ignorance, some due to created doubts, some due to some other reasons and some have been misguided by the enemies. In other words some people are misguided by some sold out agents who are planted amongst us to block this path. These agents are planted from behind and sent on our pulpits to change the direction of this community and the main objective is to deviate this community from the divine system of life.

I present a real case over here as an example for you to understand what all has been done to deviate people from Wilayat al-Faqeeh. You would have seen the news also yesterday that, to change the system of governance in Syria, America has allocated a budget of 5M$. In order to change the government in Iran they have allocated 21M$ every year. Whom do they give this? They give to such agents who should come and speak against the system of Wilayat, write something and keep on doing something against the system of Wilayat.

They have formed a council in America by the name of UMAA under the guidance of Paul Wolfowitz. Paul Wolfowitz was the think tank of America's attack on Iraq. He designed this attack and planned it. Under his leadership they have formed this committee comprising of Scholars (Ulema), Religious Speakers and Pulpit holders. The purpose of this council is to work towards purging of the thoughts of Imam Khomeini (r.a) from the Shia school of thought.

They said that certain things within the Shia School has come from outside and these should be eradicated. Paul Wolfowitz, who is now the Wor1d Bank Chief came on the Television with well-known faces of Shia community sitting with him. He said that thoughts of Imam Khomeini (r.a) should be removed from the Shia community. They have allotted millions of dollars for this task. Hence it is not that if anyone is sitting on the pulpit and speaking against Wilayat, then it is just a mischief of his own thoughts and mind. If you trace the links of such person it will go much far behind, some Embassy or NGO would be behind him. Hence we need to be alert and be smart.

Question n. 7

Q 7. You said if we cast our vote then it is like helping Saamri. In our country there is no party of government which is correct, then whom should we give our votes to?

Answer: Our duty is not just to cast votes, our duty is to prepare a ground for the right system. As I said before that first identify those fundamental principles on which this country was created and try to return the nation towards those principles. Our responsibility is not just to cast our votes, but it is to implement the system of Wilayat. If you think that there is some person, though he is in this corrupt system, but still is serving religion, then you can cast your vote to him. Those who are sitting right now do not deserve our votes.

Question n. 8

Q 8. Is it not necessary that the importance of the character of women should be told to men also, since a woman in our religion cannot do anything without permission from their husbands?

Answer: What you have said is absolutely correct. This is similar to the upbringing of children where it is necessary that the parents are made aware. Even if we take someone's children, bring them up and then later return to them, it won't be effective. It is necessary that the parents are with their children. Hence it is necessary for the women that their guardians, may it be their husband or father, should be made aware of their character. It is a manifested fact that unless they are made aware of the duties of women, the women won't be able to deliver their duties properly.

Our culture is very amazing. In reality we are not living religious lives, we are living cultural and traditional lives. We marry so that the wife should serve parents. This is how our culture has been made. If the daughter-in-law ends up saying that her in-laws should take care of themselves, then also the husband will force her to serve them. It is obligatory on the son to serve his parents, not the daughter-in-law. As a matter of ethics she should serve her husband's parents, she should consider them as her parents only, respect them and fulfill their legitimate needs. But there is a difference between a servant and daughter-in-law, so don't try to marry and bring a servant to your house. It is our culture that when we look for a girl for marriage, our criteria is to see if she will serve my parents or not. She is your wife, the daughter-in-law of your parents and she also has some rights. Now this series goes on, the same daughter-in-law gets old and now becomes the mother-in-law, and then she takes her revenge on her daughter-in-law.

This is what our culture has done; they have taken away the women from their real duties and have involved them into such things. It is the duty of the women to take care of their children and take care of their education, character, and upbringing of the new generation. In fact the education section should be with the women because they can perform this task very well. But we have given them a broom, dirty kitchenware and food to cook. Now it has happened so, that even women also like these jobs more than anything else.

They are not prepared to come out and lead the education program for children. They have become expert in household chores. It is also necessary to do house work. It should not be that because I have said, you leave house work. What is important to understand is that you should divide the responsibilities of the house between yourself and your husband. It should not happen that we use the household responsibilities as an excuse to neglect the social responsibilities, this won't be accepted.

Question n. 9

Q 9. How can someone revolutionize her own home before even thinking about revolutionizing a government so that the difference between Halal and Haram can become manifested?

Answer: What you have said is correct, a government is a bigger system and a house is a smaller system. If a human being can't reform a small system he can't reform a larger system. And even before this is your own self. Those who cannot implement Islam on their own selves, how can they implement Islam in a society? In this context I will tell you an incident when General Zia ul Haqq came to meet Imam Khomeini (r.a).

In those days of Iran-Iraq war, a Muslim Committee was formed to try stopping the war. General Zia had a big desire to become a leader of the Islamic world, hence he went to Imam (r.a). He was introduced to Imam (r.a) as one who is struggling to implement an Islamic system in his country (Pakistan). Imam (r.a) looked at his face and said that the person who cannot implement Islam on his face, how can he be expected to implement Islam in his country? We are also similar; first we should implement Islam on our existence, in our house and then slowly move towards implementing it in a society. Hence, if we leave our home and start to do propagation outside and expect changes in society, then under such situation no changes will come.

Question n. 10

Q 10. Where is the current system in this country taking the people towards?

Answer: I already said this before and it is very clearly manifested in the words of the Holy Quran (يَسُومُونَكُمْ سُوءَ الْعَذَابِ) (7:141). It is taking the society towards hell. This existing system is based on secularism, enlightened modern thoughts, liberal Islam where women are allowed to go out on the streets the way they want and intentionally moral corruption is spread. If you take men, by just making the Spring Season (Basant) as an excuse they are indulging in singing, dancing, alcoholism and lavishness.

All these acts are introduced one after another intentionally to corrupt the social environment and to desecrate the values. You should have no doubt about this that those who are governing this system have very clear intentions to take this nation away from religion and establish an aversion to Islamic values in the society.