The Role of Women towards the System of Wilayat

Again remember the same point I said earlier, the effects of living a long life under the Fironic system are long lasting. These effects are weakness in beliefs, ethics, intelligence, sensibility and way of living. As a consequence the Ummah troubled Moosa a lot afterwards. They had become narrow minded and could not understand what Moosa was trying to preach them; these were all the effects of acceptance of a Fironic system for living your lives.

The Holy Quran also addresses one more form of oppression which Firon did on his nation, and that was "Istakhaffal Kaum” - he had made the nation very lowly. The nation had become very lowly, ready to accept all sort of humiliation, cheap actions and very downtrodden in the form of their thinking. Today you see the system of Firon, it has done the same thing to us. Those women whose duties are to present Wilayat to the world are indulged into stories of Woodcutter (a fabricated story narrated in the Holy month of Rajab, during the sessions of "Qunda Nazr", food ceremony in the name of Imam Sadiq (as)).

This is the problem which a Fironic system creates for us in the society.

Our women are expected to become defenders of Wilayat like Lady Zainab (s.a), who should come out to the world and talk about Wilayat, Imamat, invoke the people to not accept living under this system of Yazidiat and invite them towards the system of Imamat. But, when religion is also controlled and dominated by the Fironic system, then this religion changes into a religion of dry oral recitations and invocations, where people spend their lives in moving the beads of Tasbeeh. Under this Fironic system, when they practice religion, they end up creating their own forms of religion and start to worship those things day and night.

If we get involved in such things, then who will come forward to explain and teach them what Imamat and Wilayat is all about? Who will prepare the necessary prerequisites for the reappearance of our Imam (a.t.f.s)? The world should be first prepared to accept the system of Wilayat then only the· reappearance will happen. This is because, when He (a.t.f.s) comes, he won't implement democracy or dictatorship, he will implement the system of Wilayat. But how can he implement Wilayat unless the people are willing to accept this system of Wilayat? If we are busy with the stories of Woodcutter then when can you expect Him (a.t.f.s) to come and implement Wilayat?

I would like to wind up this subject here. We had less time to discuss this subject in more detail, hence the objective was only to make you aware of the significance of this subject. By the will of God, I am hopeful that you will study this subject in more detail and through your efforts you will reach to some form of completion on this subject. If you are interested to learn more, then I can guide you towards a series of lectures which I have delivered on the system of Wilayat, titled as "Imamat O Ummat", they are available in audio video format.