Saamri and His Idol Calf

Women can play a role on both, the positive as well as negative side. They can help in turning down the system of Firon and also in strengthening the evil mission of Saamri.

Saamri approached the women and requested them to bring all their wealth and specifically their ornaments, so that he can make a God for them to worship. He told them that the God he will make, will fulfill all their worldly wishes and desires; if they talk to him the God will reply, you can touch and feel the God, and above all this you can even kiss the God. Now, this kissing part is very important even for us; unless we kiss the holy and sanctimonious things we don't feel we have delivered our duties. Saamri played a cunning game; he presented all those things Moosa could not present. The God of Moosa was not touchable, people could not kiss that God, and they could not see or listen to the God introduced by Moosa. Hence Saamri used this to inspire the women to gather their ornaments which they had brought from Egypt along with them. The Quranic Ayah says that these women gave all their jewellery, even from their arms and shoulders to Saamri. Saamri now lighted up an oven, melted these ornaments and made a Calf out of this gold and silver. This was an idol imitation of the shape of a calf made out of gold and silver.

Saamri was an intelligent person and an engineer. He was spiritual and a religious personality. He was aware about the technology otherwise he would not have been successful in making a calf by melting ornaments. He just did not make a metallic calf, he inserted inside it such an effect that the calf was mooing also. Later, when Moosa asked him how he succeeded in making this idol calf speak, he replied that he had seen the remains of a messenger. Remains of a messenger, means either he took something from Gabriel or he took the sand from below the feet of Moosa and used it in the calf to make it speak. This proves that his intellectual level was so high that either he knew the effects of the sand below the feet of Moosa or he took something from Gabriel and made the calf active. The entire community with this technique of Saamri got deceived, left Haroon and started to follow Saamri.