Why Should We Be Concerned About Our Governing System?

The Quran says we destroyed Firon and relieved you from that corrupt system which was a bounty for you. I will later talk about the effects which these corrupt systems leave on the societies. Even though you get relieved from these corrupt systems, but whatever time you spend in these corrupt systems it leaves a highly significant damaging effect on our character. We are not concerned about such things. We always say what have we to do with this governance system, our duties are to earn our living, take care of our children, go to Hussainiah for Azadari, do some mandatory worship, why should we be worried or concerned whether this system is good or bad? Yes, for sure we might not be concerned about their evil systems on us, but they are concerned about us. Take my words for granted that with those whom we are not concerned, they are for sure concerned about us. Today, we are not concerned about America, but America is very much concerned about us.

The Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khamenei (d.a) says that these westerners suggest us to separate ourselves (means religious clerics) from politics. They say what have these religious scholars to do with state politics. He says that their suggestion and point is as such invalid, but just for a moment let us accept and agree to what they say. Let us separate ourselves from politics, fine we will not interfere in politics. But then you also promise and assure us that you will also have no concern with Religion. You also get separated from Religion. You want us clerics to separate from politics and sit in Religious Schools (Madrassas), but you don't want to stop your interference with religion. If separation has to be done, then we both should separate. If the clerics have to be separated from politics then you politicians should also separate from religion and stop interfering in religious affairs.