Wilayat, The True System of Governance

Imamat (Leadership) is not just a belief or an opinion or an intellectual concept or a phrase or slogan or just a perception of mind. Imam Raza (as) says:

"Al Imamato Nizamul Ummah"
"Imamat is the divine system of governance for the Ummah".

This means that we have to live our lives under this system of Imamat and Wilayat. Wilayat is that system which can take the Ummah towards salvation; it can take the Ummah towards divine ascension and can become the source of magnificence for the Humanity. Wilayat is that system which can protect and preserve the dignity of Human beings. It is the only system which can defend and protect our religion and save us from utmost humiliation.

But, today we are prepared to live our lives under any system of governance. In this country, the system changes every four years. Sometimes we see the idol calf of Democracy, sometimes dictatorship and we are ready to accept any such system which comes to rule over us. The only system we are not willing to accept or at least take steps towards it, is Imamat. Anyone who casts his vote to the idol calf of democracy resembles the women of Bani Israel who gave their ornaments to Saamri to make the idol calf. The idol calves of Saamri are only made with the cooperation of Ummah.

This country can be saved with the implementation of True Islam, i.e. the system of Wilayat and Imamat. To do this, first we have to present this system of Wilayat to the people. Today there are many such Saamris present who never speak against dictatorship, Yazidiat and Fironic systems, but when it comes to Wilayat they open their mouths immediately. They will always speak only against the government which has the system of Wilayat in it. Whenever you notice such persons, who open their mouths against this system of Wilayat (i.e Islamic Republic of Iran), then take for granted that these are the Saamris of your time and identify them from here itself.

If you want to know about Imamat, then don't go and ask those who don't even know if Imamat in Arabic is written with 'Alif' or 'Ain'. Our religion in this subcontinent has gone into an astonishing state, where educated class sits and listens to religion from illiterates sitting on the pulpits. Sensible people are listening to religious talks from non-sensible persons. We have professional speakers both men and women, those who only know oration skills, they have destroyed our religion. These professional orators come and indulge us into few dubious things, take their fees and go home, whereas we are fighting amongst each other about these dubious issues.

What is Imamat or Wilayat?

If you want to ask about Imamat, ask Allama Iqbal. According to him, he says:

"Tune Poochi hai Imamat ki Haqeeqat mujhse,
Haq tujhe meri tarah saahibe Asraar kare"

(You have asked me the reality of Imamat,
May truth make you a companion of its secrets like me)

This means if you are serious about understanding the system of Wilayat, then first you need to become a companion of its secrets. Unless you associate yourself with the inner side of Imamat, you will not be able to understand the system of Wilayat. You won't be able to differentiate between the Calf and true God, between Moosa and Saamri unless you become the companion of the secrets of Imamat. Then Iqbal continues to say…

"Hai wohi tere zamane ka imame bar haqq,
Jo Tujhe Haaziro Maujood se bezaar kare.
Maut ke Aine me dikhakar rukhe dost,
Zindagi tere liye aur bhi dushwar kare"

(He is the Imam of your age truly,
One who makes you aware of the present and the current,
He shows you the face of your beloved in the mirror of death,
Thus making your lives more difficult and miserable)

Now, look deep inside these phrases and ask yourself as to why do we believe in Imams. We believe for the sake of improvements in our lives, to fulfill our worldly desires through them? Allama Iqbal says that he is the Imam of your time, one who makes your life more miserable and difficult. Then he further continues to say,

"Fitna e Millate Baiza hai Imamat uski,
Jo Musalmaan ko Salateen ka Parastar kare"

(The Imamat of that person is a discord (Fitna),
The one who pursues people to worship the Imperialists)

This means that person whose leadership makes the nation submit to dictatorship, Imperialism, Kingship, democracy and ruler ship, is a discord for the Ummah. Until and unless we teach the world about Imamat and start to present Wilayat, the world will never come on their own towards this system of Wilayat. You women should take lessons and see how many women contributed to the success of Moosa. Try to become like the mother of Moosa, sister of Moosa and the wife of Moosa, then only Moosa gets the strength to topple down the system of Firon and implement the system of Wilayat amongst the people.