Women and Current Affairs

Today we Muslims and specifically you women should be aware about the current affairs of the Muslim world. It should not be that you are so busy with kitchen and other household chores that you are not aware about what is happening around you, in your city, in your country and not aware about the system in which you are living.

At times we say that the intellectual level of our women is very low, and hence the scholars should only deliver very simple and preliminary talks. This perception is an insult to women. These women are also human beings and they have a role to play in the humanity of this world, they also have to deliver a character and they also have to live with the current era. They also need to feel and sense their social and religious responsibilities along with household duties. These women who went to Karbala and delivered the message of Karbala afterwards also had homes with kitchen. They could have also made excuses and done kitchen work, cleaning the house and other things throughout their lives, but they decided to go shoulder to shoulder with the men in Karbala.

Religion has not prohibited women at any place. In fact, women have a very specific role which can be only delivered by them. This is a reality that many leaders and martyrs of Karbala were the outcome of efforts of women behind them. If the wife of Zohair Ibn Qain would not have been present with him in his journey, things would have been different for him. He was a supporter of the third caliph and was not a supporter of the mission of Aba Abdillah (as). It was his wife who reformed him and changed his opinions. After this reformation he got listed in the names of martyrs of Karbala and that too amongst the leaders. This is the great courage of this woman who made her life partner reach such a high divine status and all this was because she realized and felt her responsibilities.

Do not sit unconcerned. You should be aware about the world you are living in and the happenings around you. Do not think or say that you have nothing to do with this governmental system and you want to live a normal life. You might not be having any concerns with this system, but this system definitely has serious concerns about you. If we say that we have nothing to do with the heat of summer or the cold of winter, then also the heat and the cold have concerns with you, they will impact you and hence you have to adopt preventive measures. If some virus or a disease spreads and someone informs you about this, will you say that you have no concerns about this? You have nothing to do with this virus but the virus has certainly something to do with you. This virus is a danger to your body; hence if you do not fight this virus you will become its captive.

We don't have rights to live in all types of systems. Can you drink any kind of water? Can you drink water from a stagnant pond? If someone says this is my personal life and I can drink any water I want, then he is wrong. Intellectually and also religiously you don't have rights to drink impure and filthy water; you should drink pure and clean water.

If Shariah can impose laws regarding water even to the extent of purity of water used for washing clothes, then how is it possible that the same Islam is not concerned about the purity of the social system governing us? It is so concerned about the washing of our clothes but not about our lives, our humanity, our spirituality, our children and our generations? Though the intelligence and Shariah both prohibits from drinking dirty water, but there are people who are still drinking it.