In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sciences of the Hadith 1 ('Uloomul-Hadith)

Main Sciences

1. History of Hadith

2. Derayatul-Hadith (Mostalahat)

3. Rejalul-Hadith

4. Fiqhul-Hadith

Main Topics

Definition of Hadith and its significance; The Destiny of Hadith amongst the Shia and the Sunni, The Story of Fabrication of Hadith, Methods of distinguishing an authentic Hadith from forged ones. Types of Hadith; (concerning the narrators), Conditions of a narrator, Paradoxical and contradictory Hadiths and methodology of their treatment. Leniency in the evidences of Mustahabbat (Recommended Acts). A Glance at the major books of Hadith: Shia and Sunni collections. The Science of Rejaal (biography of the narrators). Methods of authentication. Etiquettes of narrating and writing a Hadith.

Who needs to take this subject?

1. If you wish to take academic courses in Islam, especially in analytical Fiqh, this is a must for you.

2. If you wish to ever use quotes of any Hadith in your speeches or essays,

3. If you are seeking more insight about the second important source of knowledge in Islam, i.e. Hadith.

What are the prerequisites for this subject?

Completion of "Introduction to Islamic Studies" (Islam for Beginners) is compulsory for enrolment of this course. That course, especially lessons 7 to 9, will give you basic knowledge about what you would learn (in-depth) in this course. Completion of the "Sciences of the Quran”. We also strongly recommend the completion of the "Islamic Theology" course.

What is the language of the Course?

The course will be presented in English. However, as the original texts of the Hadiths are in Arabic, basic Arabic literacy would help for a better understanding of the Hadith's analysis.

Duration of the Course and the commencing date

We are anticipating that this course will take 14 sessions commencing from 31 October (Orientation) 2006 and finishing latest by very early March 2007. (Including two weeks holiday during Muharram(

The course will be on Tuesdays from 7.00pm to 8:15pm (we will adjust with the Maghrib Prayer time). Please make sure you are punctual. Late comers may not be allowed entry. If you miss any lesson(S) you can order the audio CD from the audio-visual section. Lecture notes will be available on our website2.

What do I need to bring in the class?

You need to bring your attention along with a pen and a notebook with a clip board.

Some useful books for further studies?

This course is a research based course. Many sources will be used for presentation of this course in addition to the lecturer's own knowledge about the subject. The followings are some of the main sources that will be used for this course.

1. Abd Al-Hadi Al-Fadli; "Introduction to Hadith" [Eng. Trans.] printed by ICAS Press along with Derayatul-Hadith by Al-Shahid Al-Thani

2.Sayyid Ali Al-Shahristani; "The Prohibition of Recording the Hadith" [Eng. Trans] published by Ansariyan

3. الدکتور صبحي صالح: علوم الحديث و مصطلحه

4. آية الله جعفر سبحاني :کليات في علم الرجال (مطبوعات الحوزة العلمية بقم المقدسة)

5. احمد بن عبدالرضا مهذب الدين بصري: فائق المقال (مکتبة المجلس الشوري الاسلامي-ايران)

6. اية الله العظمي الخوئي: معجم رجال الحديث (المقدمة)

7. الشيخ يوسف البحراني: الحدائق الناظرة (المقدمة)

8. الشيخ بهاء الدين العاملي: الوجيزة

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