Capitalism And The Wage Labor Law

The disorganization of developed, productive relations between employers and employees based to a great class difference from which terrible economic and social effects have resulted. Due to these effects the human society has become permitted economic oppression, political domination, moral and social corrupt ion, etc., especially after the development of the machine, the progress of sciences, and the contribution of millions of workers in the field of production and industry.

It is natural that this sick phenomenon has become the certain conclusion of the capitalist and materialistic concept and perception about life.

So, the capitalists regard the profit and the utility as their ambitions, and nothing else. Accordingly, they always create ways to earn and amass wealth with greedy and matchless selfishness.

It is natural for this unjust enrichment and the unlawful accumulation of wealth to produce oppression for the working classes and the hired productive efforts.

So, the capitalist has the lawful power and the political means with which he protects his achievements and amass his wealth to satisfy his gluttonous, greedy love for property and wealth and his sacrifice for pleasure and utility.

The capitalist possesses the compulsory means with which he forces the productive powers with oppression and aggression to serve his interests and develop his wealth, because the capitalist class (according to tile logic of tile capitalist concept) is the exploitative, ruling class.

It is the class that owns wealth and the means of production, and so it is the class that limits the wage of the employees and the wage earners, manages the price of commodities, and disposes of man's dignity and efforts, making them a traded commodity exploited by the greedy capitalist.

It is the class that employs the workers and, then discards whenever it wants, and forces them to work for very low wages with its oppressive, economic means, so the interests of the overwhelming majority have become lost in the sea of this oppressive capitalist regime, and the working classes have become ready to sell all their efforts and powers to get their livelihood and refresh their powers to come back to production again, so those efforts find their way into banks and sinful, money treasuries.

Capitalism has based its contractual laws on an economic philosophy that believes in the irresponsible freedom in tile field of labor and production.

And the summary of this theory is that tile mechanism of economic relations among production, distribution, and consumption control the amount of wages and the relationship between the employer and the employee, and it is responsible for organizing the contractual relations, and the wage relation between tile employer and tile employee.

So, the worker - according to the logic of this theory has the freedom of contract and labor just as he has the freedom to strike and refuse to work.

Accordingly, the employer is forced to give the employee the wage with which he is satisfied, and in this disorderly way, according to capitalist logic, the problem of the relation between tile employer and tile employee is solved.

It is worth mentioning that the employer, according to this theory, makes the decision for the contracts of labor and wages according to the situations of the trade market, so whenever there is consumption of the commodity and active demand of the goods, then he is forced to compete with the others, and gives the workers a higher wage, but, when the market is satisfied and stagnant, he is in no need of the workers or competing with the others for them, so hurls them into the mazes of unemployment or low wages.

In this way, the workers effort and entity turn into a commodity that is subject to the movement of the market and the Law of supply and demand, so, according to this concept, man becomes a means in the capitalists' hand, and therefore, loses his value, his dignity, and his safe livelihood in life.

Even if the market is active, the capitalist fixes maximum wages according to tile law called marginal wages.

This law makes the wage earners live in subsistence and misery so that their wage does not affect the capitalists’ production and his determined income.

This capitalism justifies its laws and regulations; it is indifferent to the bad social living results and their effects on man's life.

The activity of the capitalist society is not restricted to certain geographical or natural borders, rather this greedy capitalist activity extends over every area in the world to dominate the resources of wealth and secure trading markets to sell the commodities and products.

Because of this capitalist extension, colonialism, the exploitation of peoples, the plundering of their wealth and the sucking of their blood have taken place.

And because of the colonial competition for the resources of wealth and trading markets, the struggle among the Imperialist powers has occurred, so wars have taken place, and mankind has become the victim of this greed and the hateful material stinginess.

Lately, the super powers have found it better for themselves to resort to the policy that adopts the division of the world into influential regions. In the meantime, they have agreed on plundering and devouring the wealth of the people.

This policy, which has taken place between America and Russia, is aggressive, cunning, and has deprived mankind, still they call it detente.

It is worth mentioning that the Islamic World is the scapegoat in this colonial conspiracy, and it is the first victim of this new exploitative, imperialist behavior.