Communism And The Wage Labor Law

In the capitalist society, it is very natural for oppression and great living differences to take place between the productive classes who think that they are the makers of wealth, utilities, services and the exploitative, greedy classes.

Also, it is natural for this difference and big class division to make people feel the oppression and deception, then, this feeling is intensified to become a power against this trend and is formed as theories adopted by the deprived classes.

These theories have been regarded as the intensification of a psychological feeling with severe reaction and revengeful spite which matches the greed and deception produced by capitalism.

So, those theories were blundering and revengeful and with the reaction and aim of getting rid of capitalism and destroying its interests, the communist and socialist theories have been established, and they have appeared on the civilizational surface as a sick result against the corrupt capitalist society looking for salvation, but, that does not follow guidance.

And it was natural for this sick reaction against capitalism to be unsuccessful in achieving the balance of equity of balance and of economic reformation to preserve human rights, protect man's dignity, and secure the economic justice, because this reaction began from the same starting point from which capitalism did, namely, it is based on selfishness, depriving the individuals or their freedom and will, moral oppression , and material utilitarian considerations, so the ruling class decided to nationalize all means of production, forbid ownership and confiscate wealth by the state, therefore oppression and domination have transferred from the control of the individuals and their greedy capitalism to the control of the state and its ugly police terrorism.

Because the state that has believed in this theory is dictatorial, namely, the dictatorship of the proletariat or the working class that has controlled all property and wealth, so that the state has seized everything in life and all individuals in society have become wage earners and producers for the state, they do not deserve any wage, not own anything, and nor have right to possess anything except what the state grants them to meet their miserable, basic needs.

It helps them to achieve the production that the state ultimately seizes in order to dominate the efforts of employees in a manner worse than that of the dominating person in the capitalist society.
Besides, the worker in the communist regime has lost his will, his freedom, and his right in acting. And, he has followed the absolute way of the state without receiving the fruit of his efforts. Also, he has lost his personal freedom in possessing and consuming.

Therefore, in his escaping from capitalism to communism and socialism, the wage earner, in the capitalist society, is like the person who escapes from the pan falling into the fire.

In its concept about the economic problem and its method, which it has presented to solve the living crisis of man, the Communist theory stands on the following principles:

1. The state has the right to lay hand on all productive means and economic activity. Also, it has regarded individuals as productive tools, which it provides with fuel to achieve production.

2. The productive employees, the wage earner, and their like have no right to possess anything, for possession is forbidden in the opinion of the theory, and only the state has the right to possess factories, lands, immovable properties and all means and resources of wealth.

3. The employee has no right to get all wages for his efforts, rather the state gives him a certain wage to allay his hunger, while it takes the greatest part as the capitalist does, so that the wage earner is unable to save up anything to develop his standard of living.

4. The worker has no right to refuse the work to which he is forced and demand his rights or improve his situations. According to Communist criminal law, if the worker refuses, protests, or demands the state to improve his economic situations, then he will face capital punishment.

The Communist Laws have imposed on the worker the dictatorship of the authorities of the work and foundations in the manner that overshadows the capitalist and the feudal domination, so that the manager of the factory has been given the right to imprison the worker for four months without trial or investigation.

The dictatorial authority - the working class as the communist theory has called - decides what it wishes, while the worker should carry out its decisions, so with its laws and domination, the state deprives the individual of his freedom and right to possess.

This theory, which is deviated from the Jaw of social nature, has hit up against the law of human nature and the human feeling of the worker and of the farmer, so that they have disobeyed it when they have felt that, they had no right to possess, consume, and produce.

A violent resistance took place in Russia when the Communist rulers began applying the theory with oppression and bloodshed, so that, due to this terrorist violence, millions of people were killed, millions of people were banished, tortured, and imprisoned.

Astonishing and awful figures have been published about the killing, imprisonment, banishment, and torture there. "They have estimated that about 19, 000, 000 people were killed, 2, 000, 000 people were judged with heavy, various penalties, and 4, 000, 000 or 5, 000, 000 people were banished from the country."1

Thus, the tragic, terrible conclusions the Communist regime followed were a violent shock for the person who escaped from the inferno of capitalism.

Consequently, production decreased, the Russian economy was liable to intense crises reflected on her political situations and toppled many leaders of the party and policy.

  • 1. Al-Mawdudi, Abu al-A'la, The Principles of Economy Between Islam and the Contemporary Regimes and the problems of Economics and Their Solution in Islam, p. 72.