Praise be to Allah, Who has sent down the Guide Book, appointed the Prophet, and helped us to believe in His Book and Prophet. May Allah bless Muhammad and his holy family and their followers till the Day of Judgement.

The industrial revolution and the quick technological development in Europe have brought about the gathering of workers, sufficient production, and the accumulation of properties. So, the capitalist regime appears to be an excellent way to plunder efforts and powers and to exploit the basic elements of production and investment.

As a reaction to the Capitalist regime, the Socialist regime, which is very ancient, has been established on a new basis in an attempt to treat the condition and as a necessary preliminary stage for the conversion to communism based on completely abolishing ownership.

A short time passed after the communist communique and the socialist applications, whether the international or the Arabic, appeared in Europe and other areas, then, the doctrinal disasters of the is trend began to appear in society; at the level of the socialist thought as well as socialist applications, such as; the problem of the relations between workers and farmers, the problem of the individual and his right in administration and possession, and the problem of the essence of creation and of natural and human motives necessary for development and progress, which are not able to exist under the iron, central socialist planning, and in the atmosphere of deprivation, force and the dictatorship of proletariat for a better future.

Before the appearance of these two blocs, as two ruling regimes, the great Islam had adopted principles and rules and put forth foundations and legal precepts to urge the Muslim individual to master the quality of work and develop production, grant the worker his own rights completely, forbid his exploitation, and acquire all securities necessary to raise his position and maintain his effort.

Not only is Islam satisfied with this, but, it also encourages the Muslim individual to be an owner and an employer and give the surplus value to the poor and the needy in order to meet their basic needs and, also to develops their productive ability, because need stands and obstacle both in the way of work and production. The quantity and quality of production secures chances and conditions necessary to move towards Allah, the Exalted, with the aim of achieving human perfection.

Al-Balagh Foundation offers this book let ‘Selections on the Labor Law in Islam’, and it prays humbly to Allah to help our Muslim workers all over the world to obtain the fruits of this great law, make His Laws rule over us, and drive the rebel Laws away from us, He is All-Hearing, All-Answering.