Wage Law

As human life has developed, arts and sciences and industries have become numerous, utilities (interests) and services have increased, and human needs have become developed, then, as such, no one is able to meet all his needs by himself, especially after the development of the great industries, the appearance of factories and companies, and their increasing need for large numbers of workers, experts, and technicians who take part in the operation of production, organization, transportations, services, etc.

For this reason, the matter of Ijarah, namely providing employment for workers, experts, and technicians, as wage workers who offer their natural, technologically developed efforts, has become a dangerous social phenomenon from which many human phenomena and situations result in the field of economy, behavior, ethics, society, and the various human relations.

Due to these dangerous civilizational phenomena, laws and regulations have been established include and organize this economic phenomenon - the phenomena of wage workers exploited by employers in large numbers to such an extent that the history of human production has never seen.

So, this mass production and the enormous wealth in the ignorant material society have created a greedy, capitalistic system that exploits and oppresses the worker for the interest of a certain class. Accordingly, this system has faced the reaction of the productive workers and the exploited wage earners.

Thus, mass product ion and developed industry, when a just system is absent, have produced two ignorant, opposite regimes - Capitalism and Communism, so that man's interests, dignity and will have become lost between them.