Appendix 3: A Prayer

1Oh Lord! Be kind to us. Bestow upon us Your love and knowledge and guide us from darkness towards illumination. If You Yourself make us know You, we would certainly love You, because, we would love You. Your Love would burn whatever falsehood, ignorance and arrogance there exist; rather the fire of Your love will burn down whatever veils exist between You and us. We would become the way -you want Your friends to be.

Oh our Lord, Master. Creator, God and Bestower of bounties. We have inflicted tyranny upon ourselves. Admit our sins and before the Day of Judgment cry:

Is there a way to get out of the Hell ?2

With Your mercy and compassion we have rested all our hopes upon You so that on the Judgment Day we are not doomed to utter the above cry and do not combine for us the suffering of this world and Hereafter.