Ahlul-Bayt(AS): Members of the Holy Prophet's Household(AS); prophet Muhammad (SA), Lady Fatimah(AS) and the twelve Infallible Imams(AS)

Al-Amr bil-Maruf: enjoining good or lawful acts
Al-Nahy anil Munkar: forbidding evil or sinful acts

Amirul-Muminin: Commander of the Faithful Imam 'Ali(AS).


Dhikr: words for the remembrance of Allah(SWT)


Fiqh: Islamic jurisprudence


Hadith (pl: ahadith): tradition

Hajj: Obligatory pilgrimage to Makkah once in a life-time for Muslims who can afford it

Haqq: truth.

Haram: religiously unlawful or forbidden

Hijãb Akbar: The great barrier or veil


Imkan: possibility


Jihad: holy war


Kafirun: disbelievers

Khums: 1/5 levy

Kufr: disbelief


Makruh: undesirable thought not unlawful
Masha: the Aristotelian philosophy

Muqarrab: one who has been drawn nigh

Mustahabb: recommended


Nawafil: specific salawuat which are sunnah and are associated with each wajib salah

Niyyah: intention

Nubuwwah: prophethood


Qurb/ Qurbah: proximity with Allah(SWT)


Sãbiqun: the foremost

Salat: prayer

Sawm: fasting

Sayyidush shuhadã: Master of the martyrs lmãmul Husayn (AS)

Sunnah: tradition based on the words or deeds of the Holy prophet (SA) or the Infallible Imams(AS)


Taqwa: piety


Wahy: divine revelations

Wajib: obligatory

Wajibul ita’ah: obligatory to obey

Wujub: necessity


Zakat: statutory Islamic levy on specified items for Muslim’s welfare