In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Self-making and attaining to the highest level of perfection have ever been the final objectives of every human being, knowingly or unknowingly.

Never the less, this is not an easy task, as it requires, first of all , that one should recognize oneself, improves one's faculties and abilities, and then advance towards the said objectives.

Guiding people to achieve this great objective has been the obligation undertaken by the divine prophets and Godly reformers.

This book, presented by the Islamic Propagation Organization to you, dear reader, a helping hand along the road, to guide you, extends Self-Recognition for Self-Improvement, according to the heavenly teachings of Islam, presented by one of the most celebrated scholars and theologians.

It is our dearest hope that you may get the best benefit from this valuable book.

Islamic Propagation Organization
International Relations Department