Preliminary Notes

For an enricher read, the reader is kindly requested to bear in mind the following fundamental factors:

Observe that for every question; there are multiple verses in The Holy Qur’an, that illustrate the question’s many aspects and angles. That is in addition to the fact that every verse in itself, except having an overall outward explanation, also contains many fine details that shed light on more principles and subtle factors that both clarify historical associations and describe guiding directions. For that reason, every verse includes a whole world of clear truths, knowledge, depth and secrets. The verses recorded in this book constitute only a fraction of all verses that are related to every subject. For more depth in every question, it is required that the searcher devotes themselves to deeper studies of the Holy Qur’an, its interpretation commentary and its related ahadith (narrations) and history.

In the question of historical perspective and the limited possibility to include the whole course of history with all its details, mainly the prior, more crucial and unanimous historical events have been accounted for. Again, the searcher is responsible for follow-up any loose ends and research.