Abbreviations and Glossary of Terms

Ahlul Bayt The Prophet’s (S) Household

Alam Standard, flag – symbol of Ahlul Bayt. Allah (SwT) Arabic word for the one true God
AS Acronyms that denote honour and respect to the family of the Prophet.

Bay’at Allegiance

Bid’at Innovation

Bint Daughter of...used to provide full name.

Haraam Prohibitted

Hadith Tradition narrated or followed by Muslims

Ibn Son of...used to provide full name

Imam Leader appointed by Allah (SwT)

Jibraeel the archangel Gabriel - the angel sent by Allah (SwT) to reveal the Holy Qur’an to the Prophet.

SAW “Sall allaahu alay-hi wa aalihi wa- sallam” or “May Allah honour him and his family and grant him peace”

Shaitan Satan/Devil

Shirk Prohibited beliefs that associate others with God

Ulema Scholars

Wajib Compulsory or mandatory