Some English Books on Shi’a Beliefs

The first book is of a Sunni brother who was exposed to the Shi’a for the first time, after studying several Sunni madhabs, including Sufism.

The book is written from a Sunni prespective.

1. "Then I was guided", by Dr. Muhammad al-Teejani al-Samawi $6
2. "Beliefs of Shi’ite School”by Muhammad Ridha Mudhaffar $6
3. "Probe into the History of Hadeeth”$6
4. "Role of Ahlul-bayte in preserving the teaching of Islam”$8
5. "Imamate,”by Dr. Akhtar Rizvi. $12
6. "A Shi’a Anthology", by Tabatabai $5
7. "Arabic for English speaking students”$25
8. "Qur’an w/commentery+long intro”by S.V. Mir Ahmed ‘Ali (Shi’a) $25
9. "Abdullah Ibn Saba and Other Myths,”by al-Askari, S. M. $12
10. "The Awaited Savior,”by B. al-Sadr and M. Mutahhari. $3.5
11. "An Inquiry Concerning al-Mahdi,”by B. al-Sadr. $8
12. "A Reply To: Belief of Mahdism in Shi’a Imamia". $6

These are a couple of places that have these books:
TTQ (718) 446-6472 in NY
al-Khoei Foundation (718) 297-6520 in NY

More books in English:

13. "Shitte Islam", by Tabatabai (translated into English by Seyyed Hussein Nasr)

Note: Allamah Ayatollah Seyyed Muhammad Husayn Tabatabaei, who passed away recently, was one of the scholars and philosophers of Shi’a Islam. He is known for many contributions to Islamic scholarship, including _Tafsir al-Mizan_.

14. "An Introduction to Shi’i Islam: History and Doctrines of Twelver Shi’ism", by Moojan Momen

Note: The beginning chapters explain the historical events that lead to the Shi’a-Sunni split. I don’t think the author is a Shi’a himself, but the book is informative.

15. "The Shiites Under Attack", by Muhammad Javad Chirri. Available from: The Islamic Center of America, 15571 Joy Road, Detroit, Michigan, 48228.

This book is very interesting and highly recommended for those who would like to study Shi’a. It removes many doubts and allegations scientifically.

Books 13, 14 and 15 are available in many US public and/or university libraries.

The Following Book List is for the Imam al-Khoei Islamic Foundation
Phone no. 1 718 297 6520
al-Khoei Foundation Library,
89-89 Van Wyck Expressway,
Jamaica, NY 11435-4123 U.S.A.

Name Price in $

Books For Children

Islamic Teachings Book 1 - 4 20.00
Childrens Guide to Islam 7.00
Religious teachings for Children - Book 2 2.00
Imamia Book Of Religious knowledge(For K.G) 2.00
Imamia Book Of Religious knowledge (For Class 1) 2.00
Children’s Book 2.00
A Gift (Story Book) 1.00

Books For Adults

1) Qur’an & Qur’anic Studies

Essence of the Holy Qur’an 20.00
Guide Book of Qur’an 2.00
Qur’an made easy 7.00
Holy Qur’an - Arabic Text Only!!!!!!
Small print -P/B 20.00
Medium print - H/B 10.00
Large print - H/B 12.00

Holy Qur’an - Arabic Text with English Translation

By S V Mir Ahmed ‘Ali - H/B 30.00
Same P/B 25.00
By Shakir small P/B 6.00
Same large “12.00
““H/B 20.00
By Pikhtall small P/B 8.00
By Muhammad Sarwar P/B 5.00
The Qur’an translation - English text only
By Shakir 4.95
Al_Qur’an with Spanish Translation H/B 20.00
Same as above P/B 14.00
AL_Qur’an with french Translation H/B 25.00

2) Tradition And Prayers

Peak of Eloquence (Nahjul Balagha) (H/B) (IS) 12.00
Nahjul Balagha (H/B) 20.00
same (P/B) 9.00
Al-Sahife-Al-Sajjadiya 8.00
Supplications “Imam ‘Ali (as) “4.00
Al Salat (English translation) 3.00
Same in French Translation 2.00
The event of the Cloak (Hadith Kisa) 2.00

3) Islamic Studies

Man and Universe 18.00
Islamic Teachings (An Over View) 10.00
Islamic Hijab (Modest Dress) 14.00
What is to be done 15.00
Man and Islam 10.00
Jihad and Shahadat 15.00
The Bible, Qur’an and Science 10.00
The Justice of God 4.95
The Faith of Shi’a Islam 4.00
Elements of Islamic Studies 5.00
The Imamat and Khilafat 2.50
Know your Islam 7.00
The Awaited Saviour 3.50
Man & Faith 1.50
Rationality of Islam 7.50
Master & Mastership 6.00
Then I was Guided 4.00
Then I was Guided (IS) 6.00
Caliph’s Caliphate 8.00
Islam & School of Economics 4.00
What do you know about Islamic Economics 2.00
Temporary Marriage in Islam 6.00
Trends of History in Qur’an 8.00
He, His Messenger and His Message 6.00
Probe into the history of Hadith 6.00
What is our Mission 4.00
PORK, possible reasons for prohibition 5.50
Music & its Effects 1.00
Hajj, The Pilgrimage to Mecca 3.00
Unto Thee I Grant ... 3.00
Seeker of Truth 3.00
In Search of truth 3.00

4) Practical Laws And Fiqah

Articles of Islamic Acts (H/B) 18.00
Islamic Dietry Laws 15.00
Islamic Practical Laws Explained H/B 10.00
same as above P/B 7.00
A Short History Of Ilmul Usul 7.00
Namazee Jamaat 1.00
Fasting 2.00
Haj 3.00
Rules Of Hajj 2.00

5) History

Kitab al-Irshad P/B 12.00
Same as above H/B 20.00
The Voice Of Muman Justice (on life of hazrat ‘Ali A.S) 12.00
The Tragedy of Karbala 7.95
Muharram and Karbala 3.00
Khadija - Tul - Kubra 8.00
Salman al-Farsi 6.00
The memories of Mr. Humphrey 3.50

6) Ethics

Lessons form Islam 10.00
Islam a code of social life 10.00
Marriage 8.00

7) New Arrivals

Probe into the history of Ashoora 8.00
Light within me 8.00
Manners and Ethics 4.50
A Textbook of ethics 4.50
The Voice of Human Justice(PB) 9.00
Beliefs of Shi’ite School 6.00
Islamic Political System 5.00
Fixed term marriage 5.00
The Martyr 5.00
Tenents of Islam 4.50
The supplications of Kumal 0.50
The Occultation of Twelth Imam (HB) 25.00
Stories form Qur’an 12.00
Al Mizan 7 Volumes 84.00
Al Kafi 12 Volumes 96.00
A Shi’ite creed 18.00
Polarization around the character of Imam ‘Ali 10.00
Rights of Women in Islam 20.00
Beacons of Light 18.00
Arabic for English speaking students 25.00
Abdullah Ibn Sabah and other Myths 12.00
Immamate 12.00
Islam Jafari rules of personal status 8.00
An Inqury Concerning al-Mahdi 8.00
The Message 18.00
The Last Luminary (On Twelfth Imam) 5.00
The Family Life Of Islam 8.00
Contemporary Man and Social Problem 5.00
A Shi’it Anthology 5.00
Hazrat Zahra (sa) and heart rendering episode of Fadak 2.00
A REPLY TO “Belief Of Mahdism in Shi’a Imamia “6.00

Book List - Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an
P.O Box 731115 Corona Station
Elmhurst, NY 11373 - 1115
Tel 718 446 6472
Fax 718 779 6532

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Holy Qur’an In Arabic With Translation In English

Holy Qur’an Ahmed ‘Ali (Paperback large) 20.00
M. H. Shakir (Casebound large) 19.95
M. H. Shakir (Paperback large) 12.00
M. H. Shakir (Paperback small) 6.00
Maududi (Casebound large) 20.00
N. J. Dawood (Paperback large) 30.00
M. Pickthall (Casebound) 15.00
M. Pickthall (Paperback small) 8.95
Sheikh M. Sarwar (Paperback) 12.00
T.B Irving (Casebound large) 30.00
Holy Qur’an in 30 parts (Arabic / English) 30.00
Holy Qur’an (English / Urdu / Arabic) 28.00
Qur’an The Final Testament (Hardback Large) 30.00

Holy Qur’an In Arabic With Translation & Commentary In English

Holy Qur’an A. Maududi (Casebound set of 16 vols) 160.00
A. Maududi (Paperback set of 16 vols) 140.00
A. Yusuf ‘Ali (Casebound large) U.S Ed 20.00
A. Yusuf ‘Ali (Casebound large) Saudi Ed 20.00
A. Yusuf ‘Ali (Paperback large) 12.00
Ahmadiyya (Casebound large) 20.00
S.V. Mir ‘Ali (Paperback large) 24.95

Holy Qur’an In Arabic With Translation In Roman Script

Holy Qur’an M. Pickthall (Casebound large) 20.00
Part 30th of Holy Qur’an (Paperback small 5 “x 4 “) pp 102 4.00
Part 30th of Holy Qur’an (Paperback large 11 “x 8.5 “) pp 34 4.00

Holy Qur’an In English Translation Only

The Qur’an M.H Shakir (Paperback 7 “x 4 “) 4.95
Glorious Qur’an Pickthall (Casebound 8 “x 5.25 “) 12.00
The Qur’an T.B Irving (Paperback large) 20.00

Holy Qur’an In Various Other Languages

Qur’an Kareem French/Arabic/Commentary - Yusuf ‘Ali (Casebound) 25.00
Qur’an Majeed Gukerati only (Casebound large) 20.00
Qur’an Majeed Persian / Arabic (Hardback 6.75 “x 5 “1208 pp) 15.00
El Coran Spanish / Arabic (Casebound large) 24.00
El Coran Spanish / Arabic (Paperback large) 16.00
El Coran Spanish only (Paperback) 12.00
Qur’ani Tukufu Swahili / Arabic (Casebound large) 30.00
Qur’an Kerim Turkish / Arabic (Casebound medium) 25.00
Qur’an Majid Urdu / Arabic Commentary in Urdu 35.00
Qur’an English / Urdu / Arabic 28.00
Jamalul Qur’an Urdu / Arabic (Casebound large) 25.00
Tarjuma Qur’an Urdu / Arabic (Casebound large) 30.00
Qur’an Hakeem Urdu / Arabic (Casebound 7 “x 5 “) 20.00
Qur’an Majeed Urdu / Arabic (4.5 “x 3.5 “pocket size pp 732) 9.00
Urdu / Arabic (6.5 “x 4.0 “pocket size pp 803) 7.00
Urdu / Arabic (7.25 “5. 0 “pp 799) 14.00

Titles On Qur’anic Subjects

Bible, Qur’an and Science (Paperback) 10.00
Commandments by Gid in Qur’an (Paperback) 12.00
Discussion on the errors of Yusuf ‘Ali (Paperback) 12.00
Distortion and Abrogation in the Bible 10.00
Essence of the Holy Qur’an (Paperback) 20.00
(Casebound) 30.00
Guide book of the Qur’an 4.00
Languages of the Qur’an 15.00
Lessons from the Qur’an 12.00
Qur’an made Easy 6.00
Seeker of Truth (Selected Suras) 5.00
Study of Part 1 of the Qur’an (Paperback) 8.00
Understanding the Bible through the Qur’an 9.00

Titles On Traditions (Hadiths)

Al Kafi (Usoole Kafi) Volume I - XII (Paperback) 120.00
Al Mizan Vols I - VII (Casebound) 140.00
Al Mizan Vols I - VII (Paperback) 110.00
Saheeh Bukhari Vols I - IX 130.00
Concise Encyclopedia of Islam 24.95
Encyclopedia of Seerah Vols I - VII 200.00
Fazail - e - Amal 20.00
First Encylopedia of Islam (Brills) Vols I - IX
(Paper back) 360.00
(Hard back) 700.00
Medicine of Prophet (Tibbun Nabli) 18.00
Mishkatul Masaabih Vol I only 8.00
Saheeh Muslim Vols I - IV 65.00
The Right Path 16.00
Ritadh Saleheen Vols I - II 40.00

Titles On Islamic History

Encyclopedia of Seerah (Hardback) VII Vols 250.00
Glance at the life of the Holy Prophet of Islam 8.00
Holy Prophet (Bilal Muslim Mission) 5.00
Life of Muhammad by Haykal (Paper back) 12.00
Life of Muhammad Islamic foundation 2.00
Message (Life of Muhammad) 18.00
Muhammad in the Bible by Prof. Abdul Daud (Paper back) 12.00
Muhammad Man Of Allah by Syed Hossein Nasr (Paper back) 5.00
Seal of the Prophet and his Message 12.00
Stories from the Qur’an (Prophet Adam to Muhammad (S)) 12.00
Tragedy of Kerbala 7.95
Tears and Tributes (On the martydrom of Imam Hussain) 8.00

On Imam Mahdi (as)

Belief of Mahdism in Shi’a’ism 6.00
Inquiry concerning al-Mahdi (as) 8.00
Last Luminary (Imam Mahdi (as)) 5.00
Occultation of the Mahdi (12th Imam (as) Paperback) 25.00
Reply to the Belief of Mahdism in Shi’a Imamia 6.00

On The Twelve Imams (as) And The Ahl Al-Bayt

Polarization around the Character of Imam ‘Ali (as) 10.00
Role of Ahl al-Bayt in preserving the teachings of Islam 8.00
Imam ‘Ali Raza (Shi’ite 8th Imam) 7.00
Kitab al-Irshad (On the Life of the 12 Imams (as))
(Casebound - Hardcover) 18.00
(Paperback) 12.00

Hussain the Saviour of Islam (Paperback) 4.00
Brother of Prophet Muhammad (S) Vols I - II 36.00
Voice of Human Justice (On Imam ‘Ali (as))
(Hard back) 21.00
(Paper back) 16.00

General Topics

Abdullah Ibn Sabah 12.00
Imam ‘Ali Raza (Shi’ite 8th Imam) 7.00
Ammar Yasir (Companion of the Prophet) 8.00
Anecdotes of a Pious man 4.50
Beacon’s Of Light (On Prophet & His daughter Fatimah) 16.00
Biography of the Leaders of Islam 8.00
Bilal Of Africa by Malik Eshteyani 7.00
Bilal (with Illustrations) by H.A.L Craig 9.00
Caliphs Caliphate 8.00
Concise Enclycopedia of Islam 24.95
Gospel of Barnabas 10.00
Ghadir - e - Khum (paper back) 1.50
Hijrah (Islamic Foundation - Paper back) 4.00
Imamate 12.00
Jesus, Prophet of Islam (Softcover) 8.00
(Hardcover) 12.00
Imam Khoemeini (The Inspirational Force) 25.00
Khadijatul Kubra - Wife of the Prophet 5.95
Salman al-Farsi (Companion of the Prophet) 5.95
Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam (Brill’s) 95.00
Then I was guided (al-Tijani al-Samawi)
(Paperback) 4.00
(Casebound) 7.95

Letters And Sermons Of Imam ‘Ali (as)

Nahjul Balagha - Peak of Eloquence (Paperback) 12.00
(Casebound) 18.00
(Spanish Paperback) 14.00
(Spanish Casebound) 25.00
(Arabic / English Casebound) 25.00
Sayings and the Wisdom of Imam ‘Ali (as) 15.00

On Shi’a’ism

Origin of Shi’a Islam 10.00
Shi’a (Allama Tabatai Casebound) 6.00
Shi’ite Anthology 12.00
Shi’ite Creed 18.00
Faith of Shi’a Islam 4.95

Titles On The Creator (God)

God and his attributes 12.00
God Arises (Evidence of God in Nature and Science) 15.00
He, His Messenger and His Message 6.00
Justice of God 4.95
Master and Mastership 5.00
Master and Mastership (Small Paperback) 2.00
Principles of Islamic Ideology 12.00
Seal of the Prophet and His Message 12.00

Titles On Mankind And Death

Eternal Life by Allama Murtaza Mutahheri 2.50
Journey of the Unseen World 5.00
Life after Death 8.00
Life, death and the Life after 8.00
Light within Me 8.00
Man and Faith by Allama Murtaza Murahheri 5.00
Man and Islam by Dr. ‘Ali Shariati 6.95
Man and Universe by Allama Murtaza Mutahheri 18.00
Mannes and Etiquettes 5.00
Martyr (Murtaza Mutahheri) 1.50
Medicine of the Prophet 18.00
Muslim Names 6.00
Our Philosophy
(Hard back) 25.00
(Paper back) 18.00
Rationality of Islam by Allama Murtaza Mutahheri 8.00
Resurrection, Judgement and the Hereafter 10.00
Road to Faith 4.00
Spectacle of death 12.00
Spiritual discourses by Allama Murtaza Mutahheri 5.00
Submission 3.00
Textbook of Ethics 5.00
What is to be done by Dr. ‘Ali Shariati 11.95
Whose Rule - God or man? 6.50
Youth and Morals 8.00

Titles On Islamic Laws And Acts (Fiqah)

Articles on Islamic Acts 13.00
Congregational Prayers 1.00
Dinniyat 1.00
Elements of Islamic Studies 4.95
Everday Fiqh (Islamic Laws) Vols I - II 12.00
Fatwas (Islamic Rulings) on Hajj - Manaske Hajj 5.00
by Ayatulla Gulpeygani 5.00
by Ayatulla Shirazi 12.00
Furoo Uddin 5.00
Fasting - Regulations and Practices 5.00
Fiqh as Sunna (Islamic Laws) Vols I - V Hard back 65.00
Hajj - Reflections on its Rituals by Dr. ‘Ali Sharaiti 12.00
Hajj - A Concise Pocket Guide 2.50
Hajj Umra - A Concise Poecket Guide 2.50
Khums (Islamic Tax) 2.00
Salaat 1.00
(in Spanish Language) 2.00
(in Urdu) 1.50
Taqleed - It’s meaning and Reality 2.50
Tendency of Rationalizing the Laws of Shariah 2.50

Titles On Supplications

Dua’s and Aamal 5.00
Event of the Cloak (Hadith e Kisa) 0.50
Mafatihul Jinaan 15.00
Majmou (Gujrati) 10.00
Majmu’a Wazeefah 8.00
Supplication of Kumail 0.50
Selected Supplications (Prayers and Salutations) 6.00
Saheefah Sajadiyyah (prayers by Imam Zainul Abidin) 8.00
Saheefah Sajadiyyah (Casebound 83 Supplications) 35.00
Tohfatus Sa’emeen (Supplications for Ramazan) 6.00
Ziyarat al-Jamea 4.00

Titles On Marriages

Marriage - A Step towards fulfillment in life 5.00
Matrimonial education in Islam 5.00
Principles of Marriage (Family Ethics) 8.00

Titles For Women

Ideal Women 10.00
Islamic Modest Dress 10.00

Titles On Al- Islam

Concise Encyclopedia of Islam 24.00
First Course in Islam 1.50
Guideline of Employment by Muslim Community 4.00
Inquiries about Islam 15.00
Introducing Islam to non - Muslims 5.00
Introduction to Islam 8.00
Islam - A Code of Social Life 8.00
Islam - Beliefs and Teachings 8.00
Islam the Straight Path 9.00
Islamic Teachings by Allama Tabatabai 10.00
Know Your Islam 7.00
Lessons from Islam 10.00
Miracles of Islamic Sciences 18.95
Muslims and non Muslims Face to Face 7.00
Muslims contributions to Science and Culture 5.00
Our Philosophy (Hardback) 25.00
(Paperback) 18.00
Pillars of Islam 1.00
Rationality of Islam 8.00
Religion of Islam (Maulana Muhammad ‘Ali Ahmadiya) 18.00
Spirit of Islam 8.00
Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam 95.00
Sufism in the View of Islam 5.00
Teachings of Islam 5.00
Towards Understanding Islam (Maududi) 5.00
What Everyone Should Know About Islam and Muslims 9.00

Titles On Politics

Babri Mosque of India Dispute 4.00
Factors of Islamic Weakness 3.00
Islam and Intolerance (Reply to Salman Rushdie) 7.95
Islam and Revolution (Writings of Ayatollah Khomeini) 19.95
Islamic Fundamentalism 9.00
Makkah MAssacre and the Future of the Haramain 6.00
Qualities of a Thinker Missionary 4.00
Terrorism - Why America is the Target 10.00
They Dare To Speak Out (On Israel’s Lobby) 9.95

Titles On Economics

Economic Development in Islamic Framework 5.00
Iqtisad - Islamic Alternative for Economics 4.00
Islamic Jurisprudence in Modern World 8.00
What do You Know about Islamic Economics 4.00
Iqtisaduna (Translated as Our Economics
by Ayatullah Baqir as Sadr) Vols I - IV 36.00

Titles On Dietary Law

Comprehensive List Of Halal Food Products 8.00
Islamic Dietary Laws Explained 12.00
Muslim Guide to Food Ingredients 12.00
Pork - Possible reason for it’s prohibitions 3.50
Cultural Atlas of Islam by Ismail Faruqi 95.00
Aalim Software (Database) Qur’an and Hadith 115.00

Audio Cassettes

“45 cassettes (C - 60) full Qur’an read by Sheikh Mehmood al- Husri in Arabic, translated by M. Pickthall and spoken in English by Aslam Azhar Price 75.00
“45 cassettes (C - 60) full Qur’an recited by Qari Shakir Qazmi in Arabic, translation by M. Pickthall and spoken English by Aslam Azhar Price 75.00
“45 Cassettes (C - 60) full Qur’an read by Maulana Ehtishamul Haqq Thanvi in Arabic and spoken in Urdu translation by Maulana Saleemudin Shamsi Price 75.00
“75 cassettes (C - 60) full Qur’an read by Qari Ghulam Rasul in Arabic with Urdu translation by Muhammad Wajih as Seema Irfani Price 125.00
“15 cassettes (C - 60) full Qur’an read by Qari Khushi Muhammad in Arabic Only Price 40.00
“30 cassettes (C - 60) full Qur’an by Sheikh Huzafyi Price 50.00
“C - 30 cassettes of recitation by Sheikh Abdul Basit Price 2.50
“Qur’an on the CD Price 25.00

They do have a seperate list for Arabic titles. Please call them up for the latest list available. The above list is however 6 months old.

For delivery and mailing they do ship Overseas. And in case You are looking a specific title, please have the following information ready
“the name of the author
“the publisher
“the ISBN number

and they shall be able to help you track it down.

Prophet Muhammad (S) said:
"He who wants this world should seek knowledge; he who wants the afterlife should seek knowledge; and he who wants both should also seek knowledge."

al-Imam ‘Ali (as) said:

"Through knowledge, one knows Allah (SWT) and is able to worship Him (SWT) properly."