Shi’ite Islam: Orthodoxy Or Heterodoxy? Second Amended and Amplified Edition

This book addresses many essential issues concerning the split between the followers of Ahlul Bayt and the followers of Ahlul Sunnah. Transcending the historical, the author focuses on historical aspects in the genesis of adherence, stressing the esoteric foundation of Shi’s Islam, as opposed to the exoteric foundation of Sunni Islam which forces its followers to find spirituality in various Sufi orders.

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Shi’ite Islam: Orthodoxy Or Heterodoxy? Second Emended and Amplified Edition By Luis Alberto Vittor Edited and Annotated by John Andrew Morrow Prologue by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi Preface by Barbara Castleton Publisher: Ansariyan Publications First Edition: 1427 - 1385 - 2006 Second Reprint: 1431 - 1388 - 2010 Sadr Press Quantity: 2000 No of Pages: 272 Size: 143X205 mm ISBN: 978-964-438-842-2 All Rights Recorded And Reserved For The Publisher