Eating and Drinking

Allah the Almighty has made the beautiful nature and all animals and fruits and greeny at die disposal of mankind for his own use, so that he is able to use these things for eating and drinking, and covering himself to build his shelter, and other necessities, but for the protection of man's life, and for the security of his body and soul, and for those to come after him, and to protect the rights of others, laws and regulations have been laid down, of which, some will be explained in this chapter that relate to eating and drinking.

Issue 420: Eating those things which cause death and which are a harm to a person, are haram.

Issue 421: Eating and drinking those things which are najis are haram.

Issue 422: Eating dirt is haram.

Issue 423: Eating a very small amount of the dust from the grave of Sayyid ash-Shohada ('a) for shafa'a (intercession) from a sickness is not a problem.

Issue 424: It is wajib for every Muslim to give those Muslims who are close to him, who may die from hunger or thirst, bread and water so m to save them from death.

The Etiquettes of Eating

Issue 425: The following actions, which are related to eating food, are mustahab:

1. Washing the hands before and after eating.

2. Saying (بسم الله) when starting to eat, and saying (الحمد لله) when one is finished eating.

3. Eating with the right hand.

4. Eating small bites of food.

5. Chewing the food properly.

6. Washing the fruit before eating it.

7. If many people art sitting at the dinner table, whatever food is front of each person, that person should start with it.

8. The host should start eating before all others, and should finish after all others.

Issue 426: The following actions, which are related to eating food, are makruh:

1. Eating food even though one is full.

2. Eating to one's fill (eating too much food).

3. Looking at the faces of others while eating.

4. Eating hot food.

5. Blowing over hot food.

6. Cutting the bread with a knife.

7. Placing the bread under the dishes.

8. Throwing away fruit before it has been completely eaten.

The Etiquettes of Drinking Water

Issue 427: The following actions, related to drinking water, are mustahab:

1. In the daytime, standing while drinking water.

2. Before drinking water, saying (بسم الله) and saying (الحمد لله) when one is finished drinking.

3. Drinking water in three sips.

4. After drinking water, remembering Hadhrat Imam Hussayn ('a), his family, and his companions, and cursing their killers.

Issue 428: The following actions, related to drinking water, arc makruh:

1. Drinking too much.

2. Drinking water after eating fatty foods.

3. Drinking with the left hand.

4. In the evening, drinking while standing.