Taking an Oath

Issue 466: If someone takes an oath by one of the names of Allah, or Allah that he will perform or leave a certain act; for example one takes m oath that he will pray a two rak'at Salat, it is wajib for him to perform this action.

Issue 467: If, intentionally, one does not act immediately on his oath, he must give a kaffarah (penalty) - the kaffarah for this delay is one of three things:

1. Freeing one slave.

2. Feeding ten poor people.

3. Clothing ten poor people.

4. And if one is not able to perform my of these three, one must fast for three consecutive days.

Issue 468: If a person takes oath and his words were true, it is makruh to take that oath, and if he is lying, this oath is haram and is a major sin,


All of the practical laws of Islam have not been included in this book - rather a good portion of the basic rules of Islam that the youth and young adults will need are not included in this small book. For those who are in need of more of the rules, we ask you to refer to the "Islamic Laws - the English version of Taudhiul Masail, published by The World Federation of K.S.I.M.C..

والحمد لله أولا وآخرا

Translation completed on February 3, 1998 Qum, Islamic Republic of Iran

Saleem Bhimji

سليم بمجي