Usurpation is that a person, without permission, and by oppression, takes possession of the property of another person.

Usurpation is one of the major sins, and on the Day of Judgment the person who had committed usurpation will face a great punishment.

Issue 417: If a person usurps something, not only has he committed a haram act, but he must return that property to its owner, and if he loses that thing, he must repay that what was lost.

Issue 418: If the thing that was usurped becomes spoiled, one must give the equal value of that item.

Issue 419: If that thing that was usurped changes, so that it is better than it was in the beginning, for example, a bike is repaired, if the owner of that property says that it was in such and such way, he must give it to him, and one is not allowed to take money for the trouble that one had gone through, and one does not have the right to change the thing to how it was in the beginning