(13) A Rose Bud Fades Away

In the dark desolate dungeon, the caravan halted
The scorpions and snakes took fright and bolted
Zaynab and Zainal Abedeen, prostrated themselves in prayer
Without a word of complaint, without any demur.
It was dark inside, despite the sun's bright rays
The stone walls were damp, crumbling with decay
Looks of sorrow and despondency, was on each face
Of joy and laughter, there was not even a trace.
The faces depicted sufferings, beyond human endurance
Prayer was the solace, they enjoyed, without hindrance
A few stale morsels of bread and a little water
Was their daily ration, in these horrible quarters.
"Stone walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage,"
Was equally true in that merciless land and cruel age
Though in shackles, every night their spirits soared high
To heights sublime, beyond all plains, in the heavenly sky.
Sakina, woke with a shriek, in the dead of the night
She had seen her father's heavenly soothing light
"O' Sakina, you have suffered enough, come with me
the days of your sufferings are over; O' where is he?"
It was just a dream, what a disappointment!
It was not a reality, to her bewilderment
Her uncontrollable lamentations, gathered a crowd
The ladies also lost control and wailed aloud.
Hearing the wails, Yazid sent slaves to inquire
Pacing up and down, he had not yet retired
On knowing the cause, his crooked mind strived
A devilish scheme, he soon mischievously contrived.
Yazid's men entered with a covered tray,
"I do not want food, please take it away
I want my father; promises he did give
Without taking me, why did he leave?"
They removed the cloth; Sakina beheld the face
Even in death, it was full of heavenly grace
With a cry, she flung herself on the wooden tray
Hugging to her heart, she snatched the face away.
Inconsolably, she bent down over the head
Putting, her cheeks, against that of her dad
Within a few moments, her sobbing had stopped
Her mortal remains, she had quietly dropped.
"How long will you lie on your father's head?"
Zaynab touched her hand; she was shockingly dead
Sakina had gone with her father, never to return
Husayn had kept his promise, as he had always done!