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[Wafayat al-a`yan wa-anba' abna' al-zaman, Ibn Khallikan, Abu'l `Abbas Shams al-Din Ahmad b. Muhammad al-Irbili, Cairo, 1310, vol. 1, p. 361 ]
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[Wafayat al-a`yan wa-anba' abna' al-zaman, Ibn Khallikan, Abu'l `Abbas Shams al-Din Ahmad b. Muhammad al-Irbili, Delhi: Kitab Bhavan (7 vols), 1996, vol. 3, p. 297-8 ]

[413] Abu'l-Hasan `Ali Ibn Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn `Ali Ibn Mattuyah al-Wahidi al-Mattuwi, the author of the celebrated commentaries (on the Qur'an), was the first master of his time in the sciences of grammar and Qur'anic exegesis. The divine grace which attended him is manifest in his works; they were universally considered as excellent and were frequently cited by professors in their lessons. Three of them, the Basit (In extenso), the Wasit (medium), and the Wajiz (compendium), are on the interpretation of the Qur'an, and their titles have been adopted by Abu Hamid al-Ghazzali for three of his own works. He composed also a treatise on the motives for which the different portions of the Qur'an were revealed; a work called the Takhbir (Indication) [1], containing an explanation of the (ninety-nine) excellent names given to God; a full commentary on the poems of al-Mutanabbi, surpassing in excellence all the numerous works on the same subject, and containing many curious observations…..Al-Wahidi was a pupil of al-Tha`labi, the author of celebrated commentary of the Qur'an (no. 30) he learned from him the science of Qur`anic interpretation, and ended by surpassing him. He died of a lingering disease in the month of the latter Jumada, AH 468 January-February, (A.C. 1076), at Naysapur.

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