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Islamic Sources Repository
Extracts from Selected Texts for Private Research

Purpose of this Repository

The purpose of this resource is to enable researchers to access selected extracts of original sources, usually in Arabic, of Prophetic hadith, Qur'anic tafsir, history, commentaries, and so on.

How to use this Repository


A list of authors for whom scanned pages are available are shown on the left.  Choose the author of interest to see the books and their editions.  Click on the page required under any edition to see its image.

If a link to an online library (usually associated with a university) is shown, then click on it to locate the particular book in that library.

Linking from your own pages:

If you wish to link to any page from this Repository, use the URL appearing at the bottom of the web page with the image.

How you can help!

Locating rare texts:

Your help in locating certain texts would be very welcome.  Please see the list of books that we are particularly interested in locating.

Contributing pages:

You are welcome to contribute scanned pages to add to this repository. 

Please follow the scanning guidelines given below and then email the GIF image files to not forgetting to include a GIF image of the book's cover page as well.  Please make sure you mention details of:

  • the edition used, including publisher details, year of publication, and names of any editors or translators.
  • the context for the quotation including the link of any page on which you think would benefit from linking to the image.
Contributing links to online library catalogues:

You can assist other researchers locate these texts in various libraries.  Visit the websites of various libraries (use our Guide to Online Libraries to get you started) and try and locate these texts and send us the URL of the library search results screen showing the presence of the text in their collection.

Scanning guidelines:

Please scan the images at around 35% of full size, at 300 dpi (dots per inch), and in 256 colour or greyscale mode.  Then save in GIF format.  Please see the existing images in the Repository for guidance and ensure that the resulting file size is not excessive.

A shareware utility which works quite well for scanning and manipulating images is Paintshop Pro

Please note:
Some of the contents of this site are quoted from copyrighted sources.  However, these have been reproduced either with prior permission or with the belief that the fraction of material quoted meets the conditions for it to be deemed allowable under the fair use provisions of international copyright laws.   If any owner of the copyright to any of the material does not wish us to include their material, we will be happy to discuss this and subsequently remove it.

Please note:
The Ahlul Bayt DILP team does not necessarily agree with all of the statements and opinions expressed by the authors of these texts including the content of the biographies. These are presented for the purposes of private research only.

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