The Third Special Deputy: Husain B. Rauh Nawbakhti (r.a.)

Name : Husain
Agnomen : Abul Qasim
Father’s Name : Rauh
Grandfather’s Name : Abu Ja’far
Family : Nawbakht

He was known by his name - Husain b. Rauh al-Nawbakhti (r.a.). His exact date of birth has not been recorded in books of history.


Historians have recorded that after Abu Suhail Ismail b. Ali, Husain b. Rauh b. Abi Bahr was the most famous personality in the Nawbakhti family. The cause and reason of his fame and recognition was attributed to his religious position. He is counted amongst the four special deputies of Imam Qa’im (a.s.).1

Shaikh at-Tusi (r.a.) in his book Rejaal has not made any mention of Husain b. Rauh (r.a.). Early Islamic scholars seem to have taken a cue from Shaikh and have not shed light on the life of Husain b Rauh (r.a.). Scholars of the present era have only mentioned his name. However, in his book Al Ghaibat, Shaikh at-Tusi (r.a.) has narrated many traditions regarding him, highlighting the various aspects of his life.

Ibn Shahr al-Aashob (r.a.) has included Husain b Rauh (r.a.) amongst the close companions of Imam Hasan al-Askari (a.s.)2

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