Mother's Day

A point to mention here is that for some years, December 16 has been chosen as "Mother's Day", when certain ceremonies are held every year. Newspapers publish articles about it on that occasion, poems are composed, and gifts are given to mothers by their children.

This is, of course, a fine thing, but it is not enough to hold such ceremonies and offer gifts in appreciation of a mother's efforts. Attempt should, however, be made to enlighten mothers about their grave responsibility and make them realize chat the management of a family and upbringing of children are among the greatest and the most worthy occupations, compared with which no other job is so significant.

According to Napoleon, a mother rocks the cradle with one hand and the world with the other. As we have already said, the worthy toils and efforts of a mother may bring up such a child who may produce a great upheaval in the world.

Mothers should try to offer society honest and well-educated children, and take special care about their faith and belief, since experience has shown that a faithless offspring is not only useless for his parents but is also sometimes harmful and dangerous.

We have often read in publications many accounts of youths who have beaten their mother or father or have even killed them.

Why so? Experience tells us that there is no reason for such offenses and crimes but lack of faith and absence of a spiritual basis to rely on. If parents wish to have a worldly and eternal benefit from their children, they should pay full attention to their religious affairs and beliefs in the same way that they take care of their health and education.

Children, too, should become deeply familiar with their duties towards their parents, and remember that an offspring's true happiness depends on the heart-felt consent of the parents.

If writers, orators and poets adopt such an attitude towards "Mother's Day" and acquaint mothers and their children with their basic duties, we may then say that they have rendered a service and performed their obligation.